Friday, 22 January 2010

Well, there goes the Tory vote

As they go after the motorist.

Taxes on driving, flying and other environmentally-damaging activities are to be increased by the Conservatives to fund tax breaks for married couples with children, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The money raised from “green taxes” will be used for a new “family fund” which will be used to cut income tax for families

The move will be necessary to make the tax breaks significant and help tackle Britain’s “Broken Society” problems.

So they think that tax breaks will keep people together? This is ignorance the likes of which we usually only see from the Labour benches.

But it is understood that the Conservatives are considering reintroducing the controversial fuel-duty escalator. This involved petrol duty increasing by several pence more than inflation every year.

However, it was abandoned by Labour following widespread protests over the high cost of petrol.

One Tory insider said: "We could reintroduce the fuel-duty escalator, as long as we were upfront about it. We would say the cost of petrol will rise for the next five years to reduce carbon emissions and fund tax cuts for families.

Fuck sake. It's just the current mongtards, but by a different name. We're kidding ourselves to think the Lib Dems would be any different.

I'm not looking forward to the next few years here.


AngryDave said...

It's a fucking piss take!!
Governments have for years made us dependant on our cars so they can now use as cash cows to pay for everything. They dress it up as some bullshit green agenda, which has now been blown out of the water, just to fleece us.
I hate every single one of them!!!

Weston Bay said...

"Environmentally damaging activities" (c)(TM) meets "Broken Britain"(c)(TM).

Add these two ingredients together and you have the perfect Cunt Stew (c)(TM).

And so, so many people think life's going to get better under the Tories?

Bristol Dave said...

It's not going to get any better, it's not going to get worse (well, it is, not no more than it's been getting worse this past decade). It's just going to be the same old shit.