Friday, 27 February 2009

First IT-related post

I promise it'll be short, but I just have to say this:

SELinux can suck my sweaty balls. Seriously, is there any other piece of software anywhere that has caused people quite so much fucking grief?

Shirley Brown/Marshall Part II

Deadbeat Dad has done some frankly cracking work in digging up more on Shirley Marshall.

Firstly, her website, which is just putrid bullshit, and seems to sell Shirley as some sort of a "Motivational Speaker", although given the video of her in a previous post, I'm not sure I'd really pay any money for it.

It contains gems such as
Seminars are designed from personal experience Shirley allows the Holy Spirit to direct her, discerning and speaking the prophetic word directly to individuals bringing clarity, and confirmation. Time to walk into your divine destiny.
Shirley Brown is an International speaker, pastor, evanglist, prophet and teacher

I wonder if she picked this shit up in America.

A WHOIS lookup is interesting:
Domain name:

Destiny U Can

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Really, Shirley? That would be why you have a "webstore" (I guess it can be loosely described as that) where you sell your book? Not to mention your entire website selling your company, which trades in motivational speeches.

The address registered for the company is:
which I suspect is Shirley's.

She studied at a Bible college and is presently a minister for Holiness
Ministries, Pentecostal Church of God based in Wolverhampton.

This is great, now so if anyone, anywhere says something she doesn't agree with, not only are they being racist, but they are prejudiced against her religion.

For £18 you can view her Annual Accounts. I wonder if it's worth it. And shouldn't she be declaring this as an interest?

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Want to know who actually supports all this equalities shit?

James Barlow has higlighted this one with the posting of two Youtube videos of Bristol City Council's budget debate.

The first video is Jay Jethwa, who is quite reasonably proposing to scrap a department which costs millions and basically gives money to BME communities for...well, for nothing really.

Then it's up to Shirley Brown (neé Marshall) to respond.

A few things you should know about Shirley Marshall - she was jetting off to Florida for 6 months at a time with her then-fiancé Byron, returning only to participate in meetings, however unimportant, so that she just stays within the "attendance" rules for claiming councillor's allowance of £900 a month. She was being paid £900 to do absolutely fuck all for the residents of Ashley. This has been highlighted on Indymedia a good few times, to be met with bizzare indignance by the Lib Dems (perhaps unsurprisingly), who came back with stories of illness etc.

Secondly, referring to Jay Jethwa as a "coconut" (i.e. brown on the outside, white on the inside) is a disgraceful display of racism from someone who is supposed to be supportive of equalities. By saying this, she is implying that Cllr Jethwa is "siding with white people" over this wasted money, and that by somehow opposing the payments made to "legacy commission" (to achieve...not much) she was "against black people".

What's the betting that Shirley benefits quite well from the legacy commission et al payments? She seemed to get quite angry, and seemed almost threatened. Time to do some digging, methinks.

Here are the meeting minutes from the last meeting of the Bristol Legacy Commission.

the Legacy Commission approved an investment of £26,500 for the first six months for the establishment of BME Chamber of Commerce;

What the fuck is a BME Chamber of Commerce, and how does it differ from the existing one?

Also, from a document in 2008,
The council has allocated a budget of £250,000 this year. This is expected to attract significant match-funding both regionally and nationally to support this work.

Big business. There has to be something more to Cllr Shirley Brown's anger.

The Conservative Group Chief Whip has raised a formal complaint.

Gordon's looking good...

...not. He looks like a dying Frankie Howerd.

Does he know his days are numbered? I sense revolts being planned from within the NuLabor ranks...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

One rule for them....

Philippa Curtis admitted using her phone to send/recieve text messages prior to a fatal accident, and was jailed for 21 months, with a 3 year driving ban. The public has in fact complained that it was too leniant and it's up for review.

Wonder what they'll make of Lord Ahmed, who again sent/recieved texts prior to a fatal accident, who has been jailed for 12 weeks for exactly the same crime.

So, no fucking favouritism there then.

A fat fucking cunt, earlier

Pravda have now expanded their story to state:
The judge, Mr Justice Wilkie, said that the text messaging had finished before the accident took place and was not connected to the fatal incident.

I say bollocks.

Bristol now Lib/Con

Yeah, yeah - old news for many Bristolians, but I was still pleased, as James Barlow points out in the comments - Bradshaw's not in charge any more.

What goes around comes around, Bradshaw, you arrogant cockwaft. Maybe if your administration had fucking listened to the people of Bristol they wouldn't be in this situation now. And maybe if you hadn't decided not to listen to people of Bristol - ploughing ahead with your own crackpot schemes without a care in the world for the people it was foisted upon, or even giving them a chance to say what they felt (and no, the deeply-criticised "consultation" on RPZs doesn't count) - then I wouldn't think you were such an arse either.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Possible Congestion Charge Layout

I am reliably informed this is a layout being considered for the congestion charge.

The map appears to be divided into three areas - the obvious central one, and then two random areas which I can't really understand. The first is Cotham - why is this in the "congestion zone"? Yeah, there's a problem with commuter parking but that would be solved by the trial resident's parking scheme. Another explanation is that they are simply marking areas that would be covered by resident's parking, although the proposed Cotham RPZ is smaller than the area on the map. I suspect that the RPZ will eventually share the Congestion Charge cameras and will be enforced via ANPR.

Even more bizarre though, is the Random Small Area. What the fuck?! Why is this here? It simply seems to cover the new office development behind Temple Meads, and the station itself. So what, you can't drive someone to Temple Meads Station without paying the congestion charge?

Finally there appears, in the absence of a ring road around the centre, to be a corridor that runs from the A38, along Jamaica Street & Marlborough Street up along Park Row to the Triangle. Not particularly suited to the huge levels of traffic that would be forced there.

Obviously it's early days yet, but I think this is definitely the shape of things to come.

But of course, it'll all be justified by the BRT, won't it.

*sigh* - for fuck's sake. At least Manchester got a referendum. Our current council are, or at least Mark Bradshaw is, far too arrogant to consider letting the people of Bristol have a say.


So what the fuck can we do about it? This unjustifiable arbitrary shit is going to be foisted on us whether we like it or not. We won't even get to vote on it.

Personally, I'm planning an advertising campaign. The people of Bristol need to be told about what comes with the BRT. Otherwise before we know it these fuckwads won't even have to try hard to push this shit onto the city, and before people realise it'll be too late.

Something along the lines of:

Manchester got a referendum

Bristol won't

This man thinks you don't deserve a say on how certain aspects of your own city are run.

Is that fair?


If anyone has any ideas for funding, let me know.

So it was illegal then

According to Pravda, the Demon Headmaster has vetoed the release of the minutes of the meetings leading up to the war in Iraq.

He said he would use a clause in the Freedom of Information Act to block the release of details of meetings in which the war's legality was discussed.

The release of the information would do "serious damage" to Cabinet government and outweighed public interest needs.

I bet it fucking would.

I cannot believe he is fully admitting that they are basically not releasing the minutes to save face. The arrogant cunt.

More on Congestion

A £536,000 "reward" has been handed to councils in the Bristol area for meeting targets to cut traffic congestion.

No mention that this was nothing to do with BCC, and is just economic downturn + high fuel prices that caused this.

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon has made it clear that he still wants local authorities with overstretched transport networks to look at introducing congestion charging.

Which we're getting anyway with the BRT scheme.

A West of England Partnership spokesman said: "The money will be spent on schemes to help further control or reduce congestion in the Greater Bristol urban area – including those within the city of Bristol and on major traffic corridors close to the city's boundaries.
"These might include major junction improvements and the monitoring and further improvement of traffic signals and traffic engineers are currently drawing up proposals for priority schemes that can be delivered with the help of this welcome additional resource."

This bit is interesting. By "priority schemes" does he mean improvements to traffic lights/junctions that can be prioritised to recieve the cash first, or does he mean schemes on traffic lights that prioritise traffic? I'm betting the latter.

Now hold on a minute....

Another fucking bailout? This time to the tune of


That's half a trillion pounds. For fuck's sake. Even Peston's pissed off:

BBC business editor Robert Peston says that if the deal is completed it will take the total support by British taxpayers to the banks to £1.3tn.

That figure, made up of loans, guarantees, insurance and investments, is equivalent to the entire annual output of the UK economy.

Christ, people were saying we were fucked months ago. This really, really is the final nail in the coffin.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Yet MORE bailouts

Another £10bn of Tax Payers money bailing out banks - has anyone else lost count yet?

Of course, Pravda are instead reporting it as cause for celebration, as
Rock to revive mortgage lending

I guess because it sounds better.

So now we have to pay banks to lend money to people? How the fuck did it get to this, Brown and Darling, you pair of impossibly incompetent cunts?

More on Jade, the pointless pig-faced troll

After an (Anonymous) comment or two on the post further down on Jade, I thought I'd post my response in a blog post. I feel no need to justify any of my opinions of this repulsive woman.
You show a photo of a dying Jade Goody with the text ' Who wouldn't want to fuck someone that looks like this '
In the context of the photo and the comment, the fact she's dying is completely irrelevant. She was still fucking ugly before she had cancer and this ugliness is no way attributed to her illness. It's because she's a pig-faced troll, and I see no reason to change my (accurate) opinion on her physical appearance because she's been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

If she was a pig-faced troll who happened to be a very nice person then I think you'd find none of this vitriol would be spouted (not only by me, I hasten to add). But she's not, she's so ignorant, slow and just so plain fucking stupid that it makes me ashamed that the UK's schooling system not only turned out her, but thousands of others that admire her.

And for what?

What the fucking fuck has she ACTUALLY done, apart from embarass herself countless times on national television?
I bet you would be the first to complain if someone posted some shitty opinions about you (and I mean your REAL identities).
Probably not, it's happened before, it'll happen again. That's life. But having said that, I'm not whoring myself to every newspaper Max Clifford can persuade to print my fucking ugly face.
publish your identities if you feel you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Put your money where your mouth is
Why don't you, Anonymong?

I hardly see why I have to "publish my identity" to hold and express an opinon on someone, whether they're dying or not.

It's the Princess Diana syndrome all over again - nobody gave a fuck about her when she was alive, but then when she died anyone who dared not to give a fuck about her was treated like a holocaust denier. It's the same with Jade - before she was diagnosed with cancer, she was (at best) a national laughing stock and (at worst) a national embarassment. Now we've got handwringing mongtards like you sticking up for the pointless cow and her ever-shortening pointless fucking life.

Fuck off.

Did you even know our internet was filtered?

The BBC reveals something I wasn't even aware of, which is that 95% of ISPs are blocking sites given to them on a fucking list by the government. They kept that one quiet.

Obviously, I've never encountered a problem, primarily because I've never wanted to look at child porn. I'd prefer it if that kind of stuff didn't exist, but the sad truth is that it does, and blocking it just drives it to other places (p2p, newsgroups, etc - which then would handily give them a way of stopping filesharing overnight, with the "but there's child porn on there" excuse). But does this not set a dangerous precedent? If 95% of ISPs are willing to block a list of "illegal" sites that his handed to them by the government, what's to stop "other" sites being blocked? Blogs? Anything that slags off Gordon calling him a one-eyed Scottish incompetent cunt (which he is) could probably be blocked under some sort of twisted Terrorism Act.

What other sites are on there? Is it just child porn, or are there other sites the government does not agree with? This is the stuff of Communist China.

Mind you, the Wikipedia article on the subject mentions:

Lawyers representing the British chemical firm Tate & Lyle PLC, manufacturer of the artificial sweetener Sucralose, have used UK libel laws to compel the US-based health activist Joseph Mercola to block Internet access, from the United Kingdom, to articles claiming that sucralose is harmful. If a UK user tries to access an article mentioning Sucralose on the Mercola website then the site instead displays a message with the text: 'Attorneys acting on behalf of the manufacturers of sucralose, Tate & Lyle PLC based in London, England, have requested that the information contained on this page not be made available to Internet users in England.'

Fuck me. I wish there was a list out there of what was blocked.

P.S. The Internet Watch Foundation are a bunch of cunts.

Update: Eircom have now agreed to block access to sites the Music Industry doesn't like. OK, it's Ireland, but the fact that their ISP is willing to bow down to a consortium of private fucking companies is an absolute farce.

Us next...

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Paint It Brown

The first verse - lyrics courtesy of The Ranting Penguin. Unfortunately Youtube appears to have fucked up the audio slightly but you get the gist.

Did I overdo the stammer?

Saturday, 21 February 2009

When the fuck will we have a protest, eh?

Many countries in Europe so far have protested at their government's handling of the global financial crisis - the latest is Ireland.

Why aren't hundreds of thousands of people currently storming parliament on a daily basis? Why aren't we protesting locally and nationally? What the fuck are we scared of? Instead, we pull down our pants, bend over, and seem almost happy to let the government fuck us up the arse.

What the fuck?

Shame on us.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

BRT, and therefore congestion charging, a step closer in Bristol

So, according to the BBC the planned BRT scheme has been backed by Bristol City and North Somerset Councillors. All that is left is approval from the Department of Transport.

However, Bristol City Council's own gushing, self-congratulatory press release goes into more detail.

Firstly, it mentions what the BBC fails to, which is that this is part of a bid from the West of England Partnership. It then goes into great detail about all the money spent on (mostly meaningless) improvements to public transport.

However, despite clues in the text (the word "congestion" mentioned 5 times) what both the press release and the BBC fail to mention is that all of these improvements are subject to the city introducing Demand Management - which is "Congestion Charging" to you or I. They also don't mention that the improved bus services are all still going to be run by FirstBus, whose poor reliability, high charges, and shareholder preference are the fault of the poor bus services in Bristol anyway.

Time to do some digging on what the plans for congestion charging are... watch this space.


James Barlow has already blogged about this, including a sickening radio interview with Cllr Mark Bradshaw. Listen to his (lack of) answers to the questions, it's ridiculous. When asked whether he's going to give the public a referendum, the answer is basically NO, but he can't bring himself to say it.

Mark Bradshaw, you are a stalinist, arrogant, hypocritical bastard and your refusal to give a straight answer to a straight question, and furthermore your blatant disregard for the public's opinion disgusts me. I've never seen such arrogance.


Whilst the press release mentions:
The Temple Meads to Ashton Vale route - estimated to cost around £48million - is planned to link with the wider regional bus and road network from Nailsea, Portishead, Clevedon and Weston-super-Mare.
it doesn't mention how much this estimate has increased since 2006/2007 where it was half that, at £24-26m. It also (funnily enough) fails to mention the lack of Section 106 monies (many of which were stashed in Icelandic banks) which has lead to
a funding gap that could require intervention from the public purse.
Now I wonder why our friends at BCC neglected to mention this?

It aims to reduce congestion by providing thousands of commuters and shoppers with a viable alternative to their cars.
It aims to reduce congestion coupled with the congestion charge they conveniently haven't mentioned to provide commuters and shoppers with an overpriced alternative where they're not fucked up the arse just for having the nerve to drive into the city.


I can imediately see why Jack Tweedy, whoever the fuck he is, wants to marry her. Who wouldn't want to fuck someone that looks like Sandy the Fish Monster from Monkey?

Printing Money

Now, I don't rate John Redwood in all areas, not least his ability to make us all curl our toes watching him mumbling his way through the Welsh national anthem, but he does seem to know what he's talking about when it comes to economics:
The likely exchange of letetrs [sic] with the MPC requesting permission to switch on the presses and the Chancellor likely to say “Yes” is a silly ritual designed to make you think the MPC is independent. If the MPC were truly independent they would tell the Chancellor a few home truths about the runaway borrowing and wasteful spending.

The MPC minutes mainly talk about activity, not inflation, despite their remit. They do acknowledge that the pound has lost one quarter of its value and this could affect inflation, but much of their discussion sounds like Gordon Brown telling us all it is a global rather than a UK problem. They conclude that the pound has fallen to rebalance the economy, and that it “could have been increased risk premia” - so that’s all right then!
Bang on the money as far as I'm concerned. Let's get one thing straight here - the MPC and the Bank of England are not independent. Members are appointed by Gordon and at the end of the day, answer to him.

Guido spotted the possibility of printing money months ago with the revelation that the BoE are no longer going to publish how much money they're printing. Turns out, of course, that he was right.

So do we move to Zimbabwe now then?

Monday, 16 February 2009

Why is "doing nothing" so bad then?

Comment by Labourite Northern Lights about David Cameron on Kerry "Expenses row? No Comment" McCarthy's blog:
It's interesting that when Do Nowt Dave was 'speaking out' about this on the BBC News website...

Ignoring how stupid this person sounds using the phrase even Gorgon has given up on, because he realised (too late) he was over-using it. But Labour don't seem to explain why doing nothing is bad.

As I understand it, we the tax payers, through no choice of our own, have now bailed the banks out twice to the tune of hundreds of billions. (On a side note, everyone is talking about billions and it's easy to lose a sense of perspective - a billion minutes ago, the Roman empire was flourishing). Yet what have we got for the billions of pounds that were essentially given to the banks? It seems absolutely fuck-all has changed - so much so that they needed a second bail-out. People are still losing their jobs. Companies are still folding. Banks still aren't lending - but they are considering paying their staff bonuses regardless.

So if we hadn't bailed out the banks, where would we be? People would still be losing their jobs, companies would still be folding - but we'd be a good few billion up. How much worse would the situation be if we hadn't bailed the banks out?

Fuck it, guarantee people's savings, and let the banks go to the wall.


Created by LPUK

I disagreed with the point on minimum wage, but agreed strongly with everything else.

You wouldn't steal a car....

You wouldn't steal a handbag...

Um, no.
You wouldn't steal a mobile phone...

No thanks, I've got a perfectly good one myself.
You wouldn’t steal a DVD.

Not from a shop, no.

On bittorrent or newsgroups however - hell yes.

However, why the fuck is this advert shown at the beginning of legitimate, shop-bought DVDs? Is that not just a fucking slap in the face? And you can't even skip the ad! (Well, I can, but most hardware DVD players won't). It makes me even less inclined to buy it as the DVD rip you download doesn't have the fucking thing.

How on earth this Public Information Film (I refuse to call it an advert, it's not selling you anything) can attempt to equate downloading a film to stealing someone's fucking handbag, for fuck's sake, I shall never know.

The reason this and other anti-piracy films really get to me is that they work on the deeply flawed assumption that if you couldn't download the film you would have bought it. This just isn't true - before filesharing really took off (but DVDs still existed) I bought them, occasionally, but not unless I really wanted it. Now I can download all sorts of shit and not care if it turns out to be a pile of wank. I can also download TV shows that are not shown in this country but not available on DVD. Many people I know will download films but still buy original DVDs because they like having it in the box on their shelf. Personally I see no difference between that and having a downloaded collection of original VOBs on my hard disk, but that's the difference between us.

I have now firmly come to the conclusion that the MPAA are a bunch of fucking cunts who never saw the online p2p revolution coming and have realised there's fuck-all they can do about it apart from make these ridiculous films. Well, fuck them. I have a 20MB Virgin connection for a reason.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Fucking hypocrites

First time I've vaguely felt the need to talk about Geert Wilders since others have done it so well, but this just takes the fucking biscuit.

Muslim groups backed the government's decision and labelled Mr Wilder "an open and relentless preacher of hate".

What, like quite a few of your lot then?

Fucking hell, I bet they don't complain about Abu Hamza, Abu Waleed, or Trevor Brooks, to name just a few.

Fucking hypocritical cunts.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Christ, he looks half dead

Guess the fact that he even got a drubbing from fucking CLEGG is wearing the useless, incompetent, snot-gobbling moron down.


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Fucking Shoddy Arseholes, more like

The FSA. Seriously, what the fuck use are they to anybody? They always seem to side with the banks and corporations rather than the consumer, who they are supposed to protect. That's supposed to be their fucking job. However, siding with the banks - now why do you suppose they might do that?

One look at some of the directors on the Board of Directors should tell you all you need to know:

Deputy Chairman - vacant, following resignation of Sir James Crosby (who was the CEO of HBOS)
Hector Sants - Chief Executive, formerly CEO EMEA Credit Suisse First Boston
Peter Fisher - Non-executive FSA Board member, Managing Director of BlackRock
Karin Forseke - Non-executive FSA Board, formerly CEO of Carnegie Investment Bank AB
Sir John Gieve - Non-executive FSA Board member, Deputy Governor, Financial Stability of the Bank of England
Professor David Miles - Non-executive FSA Board member, Managing Director and Chief UK Economist at Morgan Stanley
Michael Slack - Non-executive FSA Board, Director of the British Insurance Brokers' Association

It's just a load of fucking bankers. And I mean that in every way possible.

No wonder that they've extended the "Test Case" on overdraft charges for another 6 months. And that they didn't help consumers over mis-sold Payment Protection Insuarance.

And now the Deputy Chairman has resigned, not because he thinks he's done anything wrong in sacking a whistleblower who was revealing the problem with the banks way back in 2004, but because he feels it's the "right course of action".

They must have a fuck-load of skeletons in their closet.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

More Jackboots

Old Holborn has been doing some cracking work uncovering yet more shit about Jackboots.

So, despite claiming that her "main home" is at her sisters, her own website claims that she lives in Reditch.

Also, she is registered to vote in both Redditch:

AND London:

which means two things. Firstly, as far as I can tell, she gets two votes, but also that she is only allowed to vote in two places if she owns both of them, according to Section 4.13 of the guidelines.

Does anyone have access to the electoral roll or the Land Register?

Monday, 9 February 2009

Revolting Little Shit

Chilli Endorsed by Child, from Sainsbury's

God, I can't fucking stand this advert. God knows if she was my daughter I'd soon put a stop to that disgusting sarcastic attitude. This clearly is what NuLabor wants every kid to aspire to, though. Reminding parents about recycling, global warm- sorry, it's "climate change" now, isn't it - how fucking convenient; ethically sourced food, and fuck knows what else.

She needs a fucking good slap. As do Sainsburys.

Oh do shut up, you whining short-arsed little prick

"Celebrity" chef Antony Worrall Shitbag has had to shut four restaurants, leaving 60 of his staff redundant.

No different from many other restaurants then. People are eating out less, and they're suffering. But who is he whining at?
"It makes me cry. It is just appalling... I am furious, to be honest, that the banks didn't support me," he added.

Oh right, yes, it's all the bank's fault.

If his business is losing money (which he freely admits throughout the article) who the fuck does he think will happily lend him £200,000? And how can he have the temerity to demand they lend him money when he clearly has no hope of paying it back?

I don't think the banks are the problem, I think it's lack of fucking customers. But then he's obviously too stupid to work that out.

Anthony - have you tried Ocean Finance? I think they lend to people who have a similar ability to repay.

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear...

An excellent post by Leg Iron over at Old Holborn's Place. Well worth the read.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Don't worry Jackboots, of COURSE we believe you

So, the evil bitch has denied breaking parliamentary expense rules by claiming "second home" expenses (which are "up to" £24,000 (though you just know she's getting the full 24k) a year) on the house she shares with her husband, since she apparently stays with her sister in the week.

Look at the fucking arrogant trout.

Of course she's fucking lying. God I really do detest this woman, it's a hatred I don't even have for most of the government. It's due to the fact that she is the cornerstone of arrogance within this Labour government. Her and Milliband. One look at the expression on her face in most TV interviews tells you exactly what she thinks of the electorate.

What happens if she gets found out though? Pretty much fuck all. She'll carry on claiming them.

Wonder if Kerry McCarthy has anything to say on the matter. No - thought not Kerry - after all, you've got previous, haven't you.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Why the fuck is he apologising?

Jeremy Clarkson has called Gordon Brown

a one-eyed Scottish idiot

Can anyone spot any factual inaccuracies in that statement?

No, neither can I. But now he's apologised, so Gordon can feel smug again.
But the Royal National Institute for Blind People called the comment offensive.

"Any suggestion that equates disability with incompetence is totally unacceptable" said chief executive Lesley-Anne Alexander

But he didn't. He said that Gordon Brown had one eye and was stupid. He didn't equate the two, although Ms Alexander is doing a pretty fucking good job herself.
Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray joined in the criticism.

"Such a comment is really a reflection on Jeremy Clarkson and speaks for itself," he said.

Yes, it shows he can accurately judge public mood and doesn't have his tongue wedged up Gordon's Arse (eh Kerry?)
"Most people here are proud that the prime minister is a Scot and believe him to be the right person to get the UK through this global economic crisis."

And he's just done a great job of equating "Scottish" and "stupid".

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Jade Goody

Not desperate to comment on this but will anyway.

I will start by saying I do not wish cancer on anybody. It is a vile illness and causes grief to so many people. I know plenty who have been affected personally by it, I'm sure everyone else does.

Still, that matters little, because I'm probably going to hell anyway for laughing like a fucking drain at this comment on DK's Blog:
Jade Goody is a squat little troll and her death will raise the global IQ by a couple of points.

Shilpa Shetty is as hot as all fuck and I would gladly chuck one up her.

If you cannot see the difference, I must weep for your apparently dead heterosexuality, and and if you cannot see that a dead Jade Goody is a net gain for the human race, I must weep for your apparently dead common sense.

Still, it says a lot when not so long ago she was the country's hate figure and Jeremy Clarkson was lauded for describing her (quite accurately) as
a racist pig-faced waste of blood and organs

As I said, I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone and feel a bit sorry for her. However, I'm really not sure I can cope with the constant coverage of one person with cancer (how many die each year, do you reckon) who really has done sweet fuck all to justify the attention, and God forbid, the Diana-esque outpouring of fake grief when she dies, from people who only a year ago thought she was utterly repulsive.

It took long enough to scrub this image from my mind after making the mistake of seeing that episode of Big Brother:

Come over by yer, look you, lemme tell you a question

Of all the overly-patriotic people, the ones I hate the most have to be the Taffia. Don't get me wrong, I haven't really got much against the Welsh other than some of them are fairly morlock-y and South Wales is home to a suspiciously large number of incapacity benefit claimants - but I am sick and fucking tired of hearing drivel like this.
Llanelli MP Nia Griffiths has called for the national identity card to include Welsh text.
Seriously, what a load of old shit.

Only around 450,000 people or 16% of Welsh residents can actually read the fucking langauge (and only 4% more can speak it), but yet you get these jumped-up pricks demanding that all official documents, cards, papers are printed in it. It seems those who aren't on the sick are employed by the Local Government to translate all this shit into Welsh.

I'll take this opportunity to make clear that if you take the population of the United Kingdom as a whole (which is who would get the ID cards), 0.75% can read Welsh. Less than one fucking percent. But yet this stupid jumped-up cow wants her pointless, phlegm-gargling language to be printed on ID cards for everyone, even though only 0.75% would know what the fuck it meant without the English translation.

And of the 16% of the Welsh population who can read Welsh, how many give a fuck whether official documents are printed in Welsh or not? How many would refuse an English official document such as an incapacity benefit application unless they could have it in Welsh? Come to think of it, out of all the people that claimed they could read Welsh, to what extent? Fluently? Could they fill out an official application form without a dictionary? Somehow, I doubt it.

Wales doesn't even have a national newspaper printed in Welsh, because the main national newspaper (printed in English) only has a readership of 40,000 and following the stats above, only 6400 of those people can actually read Welsh so they'd loose 84% of their readership, which would probably send them under.

The only way they'll get it printed on the card is with full devolution, and good luck to them I say. Especially with a lower GDP per capita than most other European Countries (that'd be the result of having towns with 20% of people on incapacity benefit) they'll need it.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Yet more biased shit from BCC's Equalities Team

Now it's thieving Gypsies we're apparently supposed to put on a pedestal, as well as pay Council Tax to support.

My blood pressure raised with every further page of this biased, apologist shit.

With such gems as this:

"We work and pay our taxes". "We have strong morals and look after each other"
(Gypsies and Travellers speaking).

...but not anyone else.

Gypsies and Travellers are bound by the same rules as everyone else. They pay taxes and license fees.

I mean, seriously. They're really taking us for fucking idiots here aren't they. They're bound by the same rules as everyone else but I'm buggered if they feel compelled in any way to stick to them. Paying taxes? How? Who's going to chase them up, when they don't really have an address? And License fees? What, for vehicles or TVs? I think not, somehow.

But apparently it's OK and we should just tolerate the fact that they demand all sorts of shit from the Council (which the handwringing right-on Equalities team are falling overthemselves to justify and then happily provide) without paying taxes, because according to the document (Page 4) Gypsies and Travellers have lived in and
around Bristol for hundreds of years.

Well, that's just fucking fine then.

Note the "Myths" column throughout the booklet which lists supposedly incorrect media quotes, but then makes no attempt (in the column or really in the text) to refute these. My assumption is because they can't. The best they can do is say "No they don't, Gypsies pay taxes", quoting some University research paper from Communist Bleeding-Heart Hand-wringer Et Al, 1995.

You might contend that there are plenty of non-Gypsy chavs living in social housing demanding all sorts without paying tax. I would agree, and group them together as filthy scroungers, frankly.

Kudos to the Team for including the phrase "stinking Gypo", though.

Monday, 2 February 2009

And if that wasn't bad enough...

The Children's Society (who's full name is "CHURCH OF ENGLAND CHILDREN'S SOCIETY", very telling) have produced a report claiming that
Selfish adults 'damage childhood'

All well and good so far, but take a look at their recommendations:
abolishing SATs tests and league tables in English schools

Mustn't let kids ever experience failure then. Cover up failings, that way, they don't exist, do they?
A ban on all advertising aimed at the under 12s and no TV commercials for alcohol or unhealthy food before the 9pm watershed

Fuck sake.
A civil birth ceremony conducted by a registrar in which parents publicly accept the responsibilities of parenthood

I fully agree people should accept the responsibilities of parenthood, especially the chav scum who are breeding and creating today's feral underclass. But a "ceremony"? Sounds very EUSSR.

In fact, the whole thing sounds very governmental. It's full of hand-wringing Nu-Labour feral-apologist shit and sounds like just the kind of thing the government might produce in order to further fuck things up.

Now why might that be?

Could it be that the Children's Society recieved almost £650,000 from government departments last year?

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Government mulling "People's Bank" say Pravda.

We're about two steps away now, seriously. It'll start with the Post Office, then before you know it the government will get so desperate with banks not lending that they'll just merge them all into one nationalised bank. The People's Bank Of the UK. A year from now we'll all be taking our wages home in wheelbarrows and queuing up for two weeks to buy a loaf of bread.

The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), headed by Lord Mandelson, wants to broaden services at the 12,000 UK post offices.

God help us.