Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Take that, Shirley!

The Bristol Councillor, Shirley Brown (neé Marshall) who spends most of her time in Florida, flying back every so often in order that she is eligable to claim her Councillor's Allowance, is being summoned to court over the "coconutgate" affair.

A Bristol councillor who called an Asian colleague a coconut during a debate is facing a charge of racially aggravated harassment.

Shirley Brown has been summonsed to appear at Bristol Magistrates' Court next month to answer the allegation.

If convicted of the public order offence, she could potentially receive a prison sentence or a fine.

Not that this is likely to happen, of course. Remember this is the same Shirley Brown who claimed she "couldn't be racist as she was black".

I expect she'll come out with some bollocks about "coconut water" again:

She later denied the comment was racist, telling a council panel she was referring to Mrs Jethwa being "in denial of her roots" and saying that she went on to refer to "coconut water that could be used or thrown away". She said she accepted it was a "clumsy use of words".

...before jetting back off to Florida.

Fuck you, Shirley, you racist waste of space. From what I'm told, if it wasn't for Jon Rogers covering your workload you'd have been rumbled by now.


AngryDave said...

It's a total crock of shit! She knew full well she was being racist, but thought she would be protected by the chip on her shoulder. Jay Jethwa was right to question the spending of £750,000 on something that is not needed or wanted. Shirley Brown was outraged because her 'victim' status had been questioned and she lashed out, and in the process showed who the real racist in the room was.

It is unlikely anything will happen to her, but we can hope.

Old Holborn said...

Keep me posted on this