Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Kerry: #kerryout is "misogynistic"

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy has described the Tory bloggers behind an internet campaign to oust her from her Bristol East seat as "bully boys".

Ms McCarthy, who is her party's new media campaigns spokeswoman, said the attacks were personal rather than political.

She said she had tried to avoid responding via blogs or Twitter but told the Evening Post: "These people are deeply unpleasant and misogynistic.

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry - that gender card you keep so readily-available in your handbag to play at any moment is getting awfully fucking frayed around the edges, isn't it?

And pray tell how the fuck it's misogynistic when they're trying to replace you with another woman (Adeela Shafi)?

I have to say if this was a personal attack on Kerry I wouldn't be so supportive of it, but it's clear it's not: Anyone who is a "Twitter Tsar" is bringing themselves in for all sorts of crap.

It's nothing to do with the fact you're a woman, or that you're Kerry McCarthy, it's because you're the Labour Twitter Tsar. Stop all this bleating about "personal attacks" and "misogyny", you stupid mare.

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Dazed And Confused said...


I know she'll read this, so I'll address her direct.

We get paid nothing, that's zilch Mizz McCarthy for our Internet musings. Your on a heavy salary plus unlimited perks (and some highly dubious). To run around the Internet spreading your wholly one sided biased Socialist propaganda, in a desperate attempt to cling on to your seat. A seat may I add that was gained for the solitary reason that your the female of the species.

And it's we that are "deeply unpleasant and misogynistic."?

I need to lie down in a darkened room for a while .