Tuesday, 5 January 2010

No rise in Man-Made Atmospheric CO2 in the Past 150 Years

See here.

My, that does come as a surprise *rolls eyes*

Has anyone told this lot yet?


bristolmoose said...

No doubt Wolfgang Knorr will be found in a few days time under a tree in Eastville Park, having committed suicide by nicking his arm with a penknife and eating 5 paracetemol.

Anonymous said...

Ssssh Dave. You know the rules.

Under absolutely no circumstance should you ever ever ever question Global Warming/Climate Change/What ever it is being called this week.

The Greenists will hunt you down!

banned said...

It's currently Climate Crisis as announced by lead Warmonger Al Gore in his new bok published 4th Nov.
Next week it will be "Climate Calamity" after the Met Office divulges that 2009 was "warmer than usual".

AngryDave said...

The coldest winter on record, and a total lack of increased co2 emmisions in the last 150 years. Definately sounds like global warming to me.

Either people dont question the 'official' line or they dont care. Come on wake up people!

Paul said...

Maybe it should be downgraded to 'Climate Concern'?

Andy said...


listen to the man himself!!