Thursday, 21 January 2010

Crime Figures

Ever noticed that when crime figures go down, it's a cause for celebration, but when they go up, it's due to a "change in the way figures are recorded"?

Which kind of begs the question of how the fuck they were recording the figures before? Did they just write the details on a Post-It note and throw it out the window?


AngryDave said...

Crime statistics are just a scam. Officers are presured and bullied to reclassify offences to meet targets, and face harsh punishment if they do not tow the line.
Forces create and advertise to the press everytime they create a 'specialist unit' to tackle some government target. What they leave out is the truth about what these teams do. A special unit set up to tackle car crime does not go out looking for people breaking into cars. They do not even hang around the places car crime happens. What they do is sit in an office looking at crime reports, and reclassifying them as maybe theft or criminal damage. Once all leads have been followed up or the crime gets t.i.c'd* it is classed as 'disposed' and is counted as a detection (a solved crime).
The members of these 'specialist units' are taken from the fromt line of policing and put behind a desk. But, fiddling the figures does not stop here. As th secondment is classed as temporary, even if it lasts over a year, so the officer is also still counted as 'operational' and part of the policing front line. Despite the fact they are now 9-5 and never leave their desk.
And dont even get me started on the NCRS.

* = Taken Into Consideration. This is where a convicted offender can own up to additional crimes without the risk of having their sentance increased. This lets the police authorities clear up their unsolved crimes and count them as detections for their figures.

Bristol Dave said...

Thanks for the interesting insight!