Friday, 31 July 2009

Yet AGAIN, people are going to be punished for choosing the "wrong" option

Yet more from these arrogant, mendacious cunts in power: this time, with workplace parking charges (yeah yeah, sorry about the source).

Commuters who drive to work face paying a new 'parking tax' of up to £350 a year, Ministers announced today.

They are backing a new 'workforce parking levy' which will come into force in Nottingham in 2012 - and is likely to be adopted across the country.

Well, heaven fucking forbid we should make the "wrong choice" and drive to work, because YOU CUNTS have underinvested in public transport for decades, rendering any alternatives completely impractical and horrifically overpriced. I'm literally fucking seething at the fact that the government could have so much front as to try and charge us for their mistakes. After all, congestion is hardly the fault of commuters, who are only "daring" to choose the most practical, and often the cheapest option available to them (even with all your fucking arbitrary taxation on car ownership). We have to get to work. If we didn't, we wouldn't get paid. Most people have to get to work at a certain time. When public transport, especially in Bristol, is so fucking shit, we have no choice but to drive. We can't get the bus, as we have no idea whether it will get us to work on time, the costs are far more than a car, and on top of that, they penalise you for daring to buy a ticket during commuting hours.

Now the government want to levy ANOTHER arbitrary tax on us?

Fuck sake.

If they make moves to implement this, the election is in the bag for the Tories, who have already publicly condemned it:

Conservative transport spokeswoman Theresa Villiers said the tax would have a devastating impact on businesses struggling to cope with the recession.

'At a time when jobs are under threat and businesses are under huge pressure, it is wrong to hit enterprise in Nottingham with a workplace parking levy,' she said. 'These new charges will be a real blow to the city and we oppose them.'

Unfortunately, the media have also given airtime to utter fuckwits such as this moron:

But Richard Hebditch, of the Campaign for Better Transport, said the levy would raise money to invest in better transport.

'It has the added benefit of tackling unnecessary commuter journeys, one of the main causes of congestion,' he said. 'Failing to deal with the causes of congestion is simply not an option.

"Unnecessary commuter journeys"? Who the FUCK is he to decide whether a journey is unnecessary or not? Richard Hebditch, you're a fucking cunt, and an arrogant one at that.

'We put forward the idea of workplace parking levies as a fairer way to raise money to invest in the future of local transport services. We are pleased that the people of Nottingham will be the first to benefit.'

What about the billions raised every year through VED and Fuel Duty? Doesn't that raise money? Which then doesn't get spent on local transport...

I hardly think the people of Nottingham are going to benefit, you fucking dunce. Let me spell it out for you:

If people are charged to park at their office, but there happens to be a residential street within walking distance, what do you suppose they'll do? I'll give you some time to think about it.

You fucking cunt.

A saviour of liberty from the Nu Labor benches

...comes in the rather unexpected form of Kerry McCarthy. Bless her.

Finally, finally, fucking finally a Labour MP that understands the public's issue with ID cards. It's not a case of having things to hide, it's a case of wishing to keep certain things private. There's a difference.

I'm elated that at least one Labour MP understands why I don't want an ID Card. Maybe she could explain this principle to Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, and the rest of the apparatchiks.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Precisely why I drive rather than use public transport

Rail strikes have apparently caused chaos. Though as far as I'm concerned, even with all people working, "chaos" is a pretty good description of public transport in general.

At least the roads can't go on strike. Defend that one, envirocunts.

And now it starts

The UK's National Identity Card has been revealed, not by Jackboots, but by that grinning fucking idiot Alan Johnson.

A total fucking cunt, earlier

Ministers plan to launch the £30 biometric ID Card nationwide in 2011 or 2012 - but it will not be compulsory.

Yeah, yeah, what a load of fucking shit. What is the point of having ID cards at all, if they're not compulsory, you fucking goons? I would put money on them "becoming compulsory" anyway.

They say this system, backed up by a national identity register, will help combat identity fraud, crime and terrorism.

Oh, and just because you say it, you mendacious cunts, that makes it true, does it? Combat Identity Fraud? No, in fact there are suggestions it will hand your entire identity to a fraudster on a plate. Combat Crime? How? Criminals just won't carry them. And as for terrorism, well that really is a fucking weak excuse, trying to pray on what remains of fears the public may have that were never fucking justified in the first place. ID cards didn't stop the Madrid Bombings. ID cards wouldn't have stopped 9/11 or the July 7th Bombings.

It's just a way of keeping tabs on us all. And since you're obviously too stupid to work it out, I'll give you a hint. Most of the population have already worked this out. We know it won't help combat identity fraud, we know it won't help combat crime, and we know it definitely won't help combat terrorism.

Every time you repeat the lie, the people that know it's a lie trust you less.

Wake up, you fucking cunts, and learn.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fucking MET Office

They said, earlier this year, that it would be a "BBQ Summer".

What a load of shit that has turned out to be.

Now they're saying we'll have average to above-average rainfall, with wind and rain carrying into August.

For fuck's sake, what they should have said was:

"Well, despite the ludicrous amounts of computing power and supposedly qualified experienced meteorological experts and money we have at our disposal, and despite the fact many see us as the voice of authority on the subject - it turns out when it comes to accurately predicting the weather, your fucking guess is as good as ours. Sorry."

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

More proof that wind power is shit

To be found here.

A recent industry study into the UK energy sector of 2030 - which according to government plans will use a hugely increased amount of wind power - suggests that massive electricity price rises will be required, and some form of additional government action in order to avoid power cuts. This could have a negative impact on plans for electrification of transport and domestic energy use.

Massive price rises, and additional government action required. "Never mind that!", bleat the ignorant fucking environmental cunts, "look how small it's carbon footprint is. After all, that's the only thing that matters." These absolute cunts, they're going to send us back to Medieval times, and they won't be happy until we get there.

We're also, already, talking about very serious electricity price increases simply to make those wind farms happen: the only reason they ever get built is the government's Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROC) scheme

More shit from Brussels, and wanked over by the environmentalists.

"There's no such thing as cheap green power - that is a myth," Pöyry's Phil Hare told the BBC.

Something we all know, of course. However it seems the BBC, or rather the BBC's Environmental Consultant, Roger Harrabin (remember him? The one who re-wrote an article at the request of some deluded tree-hugger's email so it sounded more alarmist?) has reported that:

A study to be published next week, by consultants Poyry, will suggest that by 2030 wind will be the dominant source of electricity for the UK.

even though the report says no such thing.

For fuck's sake, you fucking interfering, hectoring environmentalist cunts - LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE. I'm going to have to pay huge electricity bills in the future - we all are - and it's all YOUR FUCKING FAULT with all your bleating and handwringing about carbon fucking footprints without having the fucking intelligence to consider any other factors (cost? effectiveness? reliability?)

Fuck you, with bells on.

Monday, 20 July 2009

A brilliant post on climate change and CO2 reduction

from James Barlow.

Not a lot of point in me reproducing it here, so head over to his blog and have a read.

Purely Semantics

The terror level has been reduced from "severe" to "substantial".

What does this mean anyway? Let Pravda Explain...

The level was raised in 2007, meaning a terrorist attack was "highly likely". The downgrading means there is a "strong possibility" of an attack.

Seriously, what the hell are the government expecting the public to make of this vague, nonsensical shit? Are we all supposed to be staying inside, quaking in fear at the many Al Quaeda suicide bombers that are waiting on every street corner?

It's a load of fucking crap. Substantial, severe, it makes no fucking difference. We all still go to work in the morning. We all still go shopping. We all still go to the cinema.

What the fuck difference does it make, you ringpieces?

According to BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw, security sources said the decision to change the threat level was a "finely-balanced judgement".

Oh, I'm suuuure it was. Because of course, the whole of the country takes the "threat level" so seriously, don't they.

What's the betting they've only done this so they can raise it again in 6 months and try and force more fearmongering from the press who dutifully report that

the threat level has been raised to severe!!!!!!111!!!!one

Fucking cock-sockets.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Didn't have time to blog this earlier

But 6 years ago, I believe David Kelly was murdered.

Maybe one day our government will stop taking us for fools and we'll discover the truth, but I doubt it.

Dr. David Kelly, 1994 - 2003

A man who was punished mercilessly for doing his job. Rest In Peace.

Friday, 17 July 2009

What was it you were saying...

...about barbequeues, fucking barbequeues, you fucking basket of cunts?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tony Blair, EU President

Remember how most political blogs have, at one time or another, speculated that Tony Blair stepped down from government because he wanted bigger fish to fry? Many mentioned being EU President.

Now it turns out, they all guessed right.

Tony Blair will be the UK's official candidate for EU president, Baroness Kinnock has apparently confirmed.

The post will only be created if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by all EU states - Ireland is to hold a second referendum in October.

It's clear that the Labour Party, and most of Brussels fully expect this to happen. If Ireland's second referendum returns a resounding "No" again, they'll have another. And another, and another, until they get the answer that they want. This is how these things work. Bristol City Council have employed similar tactics when they haven't received the answer they want from "consultations".

At least William Hague had it right:

"Any holder is likely to try to centralise power for themselves in Brussels and dominate national foreign policies.

"In the hands of an operator as ambitious as Tony Blair, that is a near certainty. He should be let nowhere near the job."

God, the idea of Blair coming back in a position of higher authority than he had fills me with fucking dread. True Stories: Taking Liberties showed just how much of our personal freedoms he had stolen from us when he was Prime Minister - what the fuck do you think will happen if he becomes EU President? It will happen again, but on a much larger scale, and since the Lisbon Treaty will have been ratified, there's fuck all we would be able to do aboout it.

Blair wasn't stupid, far from it, I think he's a very intelligent man. He knew exactly what he was fucking doing when he introduced these bills that restrict our freedom, and he knew exactly what the effect and consequences were. It's all about control and power. Brown's hardly going to stand in his way.

And when the Conservatives win the next General Election, do you think David Cameron would stand in his way?


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

More4 NOW

True Stories: Taking Liberties.

Will hopefully be on 4OD but if it's not I'm recording it and will put it on YouTube.

Update: that was brilliant. I couldn't believe some of the things I didn't even know had happened. I'm fucking angry now. I had started to wonder whether Blair was all that bad in comparison to Brown, now I'm firmly convinced he was. Fuck you, Tony Blair, with bells on.

True Stories: Taking Liberties can be watched on the 4od website but I can upload it to Google Video if anyone wants me to.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Wind Turbines. I'm not a big fan.


The CBI have claimed the government's energy policy is too wind focused.


Hopefully someone can point out to these cunts the futility of wind power. I can quite confidently say wind power is the biggest fucking waste of time and it irritates me that the government are even considering it. Yeah, yeah, I know the twats in Brussels dictate that a certain percentage of our energy has to come from renewables, but we'd be better off employing entire estates of chavs to cycle on excercise bikes connected to alternators than using wind power. (Not a bad idea, in fairness)

Wind turbines might look nice, but they are incredibly expensive to install in the first place, incredibly expensive to maintain, only generates power some of the time (when it's windy) and give utterly piss-poor value for money in the amount of energy that they generate. Still, since when has value for money ever been the slightest consideration for environmentalists? The sole consideration they have is "carbon footprint" and any other considerations as far as cost, actual effectiveness, etc can be damned. These poeple need a fucking carbon footprint to the face. Wind power is fine for installing on a remote farm in the middle of nowhere (although they can whistle for running a kettle, iron, microwave, oven etc off it) but no good for actually making a dint in meeting the UK's power needs. The government is going to piss away millions, possibly billions on wind power and it'll all be a complete waste of time as they realise they can't do enough.

The answer has been, is, and always will be nuclear power. Unfortunately, the French don't have much time for environmentalists totally misguided handwringing about nuclear, which means that they're world leaders in the manufacturer of nuclear facilities and we've missed the boat. We even buy electricity into the national grid from the French, and guess how they generate it? Fucking nuclear. Once they crack nuclear fusion then the idea of using any other form of power generation is frankly barmy.

The environmentalists need to actually EDUCATE themselves about the power options available to them. If, as soon as someone mentions nuclear power to you, you start bleating about Chernobyl, then you're a fucking idiot. Chernobyl happened because it was built using shitty Communist Russian parts, monitored using shitty Communist Russian gauges, and maintained and ran by shitty Communist Russians. They had no idea how to use the equipment, how to monitor it, and how to recover problems. You play with fire, you get burnt. The French on the other hand know what they're doing, so their nuclear power stations won't blow up. Nuclear waste disposal is no longer a problem because so many other countries don't have the problem of fucking environmentalists shouting down anybody who even wants to discuss nuclear power, and they've gone ahead and built the power stations.

This is the problem, the anti-nuclear lobby in this country, who are universally cunts, will shout down anyone who even dares to mention "nuclear". They won't even have a fucking debate on it. They're ill-informed about the risks and the benefits, and have prevented progress and allowed the French to become world leaders when it so easily could have been us.


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oh, do fuck off, Milliband odious little turd.

He's now suggesting that British troops in Afghanistan are giving their lives to secure Britain's future.

He said that it was essential to prevent Afghanistan from again becoming an "incubator for terrorism" and a launch pad for attacks on the UK and the West

Yeah, yeah. We've heard all this before. Hmmmmm, now - let me think - when was that? Ah yes, after 9/11, and the US wanted revenge - oh, and all the rebuilding contracts and oil pipelines.

Do you know what, Milliband, you fucking cock? Firstly, we wouldn't have a problem of terrorist activities if it wasn't for Tony Blair making the worst foreign policy decision of our time. Secondly, nobody buys this shit that we're all on high terrorist alert. Many, many people have realised that it's just a poorly-disguised tactic by the government to rule by fear.

I support the troops that are out their fighting, but I don't support the decision to send them there, especially without adaquate gear. But at the same time, I don't thank the Lord that they're out there fighting as though somehow if they weren't I wouldn't be able to go to Sainsburys in the morning because the streets would be lined with suicide bombers. This is clearly the view of the general public - they are just getting on with their lives - terrorism was a concern when everyone had money but now people's jobs are at stake there are clearly more pressing priorities in most people's lives.

This clearly annoys you, as the "rule by fear" line is no longer working - so you fancied re-affirming this idea that we're all going to be blown up any second by some nutcase jihadist - essentially cashing in on these soldiers deaths to send a political message, which in my opinion is an absolute fucking disgrace.

Go back to holding bananas with a stupid expression on your face, you fucking clown.

Friday, 10 July 2009


The Home Office are obviously frustrated that we aren't wanting to have ID cards like good little proles, so they have draughted in another ad agency to try and persuade us of the apparent benefits.

Of which there are none.

The IPS is already buying Google search terms to get its own website at the top of results for surfers looking for ID card information

Fuck me, what next? Are they going to start up Facebook and Bebo groups? Actually, don't answer that one - they probably have already.

At least EDS haven't been awarded a contract...yet.

Mobile phone "tapping"

Am I the only one who's annoyed by the press reports that describe the News Of The World's antics as "Phone tapping". In my (maybe slightly geeky) mind, phone tapping consists of breaking into the green CAB box at the end of someone's street to fix a bug on their landline, or using a scanner back in the old days of analogue mobile phones, or some very complicated and expensive equipment now to decrypt GSM.

Actually all they did was "hack" into the relevant people's voicemail. In fairness, they didn't even have to hack it, all they did was dial the number, wait for it to go to voicemail, then press * or # or whatever the network requires you to do, then enter the PIN, which probably hasn't been changed from the default, and then presto - listen to messages.

It's hardly rocket science.

I agree with Obo here, if someone's too fucking stupid not to change their default PIN on their voicemail, then they deserve everything they get. I can also confidently share his prediction that there will be media whores claiming they were hacked when in fact they weren't.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I'm back

and will be ranting and blogging with avengence. May look at redesigning the blog too. Keep your eyes peeled over the next day or so.