Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Bristol Blogger suspended

I guess Bristol City Council's Legal Team have been busy.

Update: It's back (thanks BristolMoose). Welcome back TBB!


The Bristol Blogger said...

This appears to be the man responsible: http://blog.numenity.org/

Bristol Dave said...

Yeah, but acting on whose instruction? :-P

Weston Bay said...

Bloody hell. This is an absolute disgrace. I've only perused BB fairly recently and it doesn't seem to me to be a particularly outlandish or libellous site. What's going on?

Fuck. I hope it wasn't what I said about the green belt

redzone said...

it would be nice to get a bit of clarity on the situation. it all seems a bit suspect.
i have to agree with w/bay, it is a disgrace!!

had a quick look around your blog for the first time dave & found some interesting subjects & views.

look forward to viewing it again.

i also look forward to the b/b's return to the blogosphere in the near future.

bristolmoose said...

It's back!