Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Who GIVES a fuck, really?

With links all over the BBC News front page, that Apple are going to unveil a "new product".

As the BBC gushingly reports, there's apparently been a
swirl of speculation
about what this could be, but I really can't imagine that anyone other than the Apple Fanbois, who are of course wanking themselves into a frenzy over this, really gives a fuck.

Every time I read anything to do with Apple, especially where you get people's views on something reported, I'm reminded of this excellent summing-up of the average Mac user. It's fucking true as well, a classic case in point comes from iPhone owners. If anyone ever asks what new phone they should buy, I'll often chip in about my HTC Touch Pro 2, which has been brilliant, never crashes and has a physical keyboard which means your lovely touchscreen doesn't turn into an oily fingerprint-y mess after "typing" a two line text message. But iPhone users will always jump in with "Get an iPhone! Get an iPhone!" When pressed as to why they're so great, more often than not, they can barely answer. It was even worse for them when the iPhone lacked features that other WinMo-based phones had already had for the best part of a decade, such as copy-and-paste and video recording. They still can't answer my gripes about it, like not being able to put what software I want on there that Apple may not like, without "jailbreaking" it and voiding the warranty. The most devout fanbois will usually come back with some smug comment implying that I'm obviously stupid because I haven't got one. You've got to hand it to the Apple marketing department at least, people are happy to shell out what amounts to nothing more than an "Apple Tax" for something that admittedly has a nice screen, with good multi-touch, but that's really when the advantages end.

I do wonder if this will be like the last unveiling, where Steve Jobs revealed such wonderous new never-before-seen features like "flush mounted headphone jack" (I still remember cringing at the cheer that got from the audience, half of whom had just come in their pants) and "copy and paste"?


bristolmoose said...

Whoopty doo
It's a big iphone for £500

I'm going to start a queue at my local apple store so I can be the first to start beta testing....oops sorry, I mean....using it and looking cool in Starbucks.

AngryDave said...

My best mate is a IT geek, and loves nothing more than talking about his i-phone and his new laptop with windows 7.
Most of the apps he has on his i-phone are fun, but pointless. One of them is a picture of some submerged bebbles, and when you touch the screen the ripples move out from where you put your finger. Clever, but pointless.
I have a phone that can use to make calls and send texts, it also has a camera that comes in handy now and again (like when you bury your work mates car in the snow).
But then again i dont own a mp3 player (i cant hear anything above 50mph except wind noise on my bike), or a games console ( i would rather just go and do something or read an actual book). I'm not a technophobe, i just only buy technology that suites my lifestyle and makes it easier.