Sunday, 3 January 2010

Labour deny they're fighting a class war - but can't hide it

To me, the fact they blatantly are fighting a class war is obvious. Most of Kerry's blog posts have reeked of it (she's obviously been giving the instruction to start "fighting" as her posts have been about little else but attempts to hammer the Tories of late) and take this latest Brown quote:

He also rejected claims that he was engaging in class warfare against David Cameron, saying that his jibe about Tory policy being dreamt up on the playing fields of Eton was a joke.

Right, so it doesn't count then.

If they are fighting a class war, and I think it's hard to argue that they're not, then they truly are fucked. They know they're unelectable for two reasons:

1. Gordon Brown. Nobody likes him. Even if you chose to forgive the many, many mistakes he has made (and I can't) - not least economic: Selling our gold off at rock-bottom prices, borrowing and spending, borrowing and spending, leaving us with an unmanageable deficit, fucking the economy up and then having the barefaced fucking cheek to blame America or the rest of the world for all our problems (a "global" problem) - he has an absolutely detestable personality, he's an awful representative for our country, given that he can barely speak properly, and he gives off the impression that he barely knows where he is half the time. Labour have lost themselves the next election, but by god that dribbling moron has sealed it for them.

2. What they've achieved for the past 12 years. Well, what have they achieved? They would claim tiny victories such as peace in Northern Ireland and the minimum wage (and I'm sure Kerry will be along soon on her blog to remind us of them), but in fact what they'll be remembered for is a prick with a shit-eating grin taking us to war when nobody wanted it, more civil liberties erosions than I care to even think about listing, dire economic managment, boom and bust, tax and spend, authoritarian measures that Orwell barely predicted (all in the name of "fighting terrorism"), levels of debt that make any sane person sick to even think about, and especially the one that grates for me: the introduction of telling us what we are to think and to believe - how many times have you heard a Labour politician utter the phrase "it was the right thing to do"? We'll decide that thank you very much!

For the record, I think the Tories would only be marginally better than Labour, mainly because really it's impossible to be any worse, but at least they're fighting this on policy and past performance. Labour can't do this because they know both their policy and certainly their fucking past performance is so fucking lamentable, so they're choosing the class angle instead. Big mistake.

Oh, and expect the Spring budget to be buying them a load of votes from the workshy and feckless.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

The minimum wage is a disaster for people whose labour is not worth the minimum wage: they will never get a job and will never be able to work their way up.

Curmudgeon said...

Class war politics will never work as the vast majority of people want to improve their own personal situation - they want to buy a better house, move to a different neighbourhood, save for their retirement, put their kids in a better school, have more exciting holidays, buy a bigger and better car etc. And they don't like to see others criticised for having achieved what they want themselves.

Only the welfare-dependent underclass are happy to live in a pigsty and blame their situation on others.

Michael said...

Shame some interviewer couldn't call him a stupid one-eyed Lang toun bastard.

For a joke, of course ;-)