Thursday, 14 January 2010

Oh, fuck sake, not you again

The two most arrogant, media-whoring parents ever to walk the earth have been trying to bother everyone again.

Gerry McCann has angrily dismissed Portuguese detectives' claims his daughter Madeleine is dead.

I'd angrily dismiss his expectations that I or anybody else still gives a fuck.

Speaking on Wednesday, the McCanns said: "We are not denying the existence of the dogs or anything else. It's evidence we're interested in. There is no evidence that Madeleine is dead."

Perhaps more importantly, there's no evidence she's alive either. You would have got a lot more respect from people if you'd accepted within the first couple of weeks that it's likely she was pushing up daisies within days of her disappearance. That's assuming, of course, that it wasn't you that killed her, and I'm quite open to that suggestion frankly, it'd explain why you're so fucking arrogant in your public appearances, your press statements, and particularly the way you loftily dismissed perfectly reasonable questions about your parenting habits as "unhelpful".

You tour the fucking globe, clearly having the money and/or the connections to get your child's face on every newspaper and every TV screen. I guess on reflection this is what every parent of a missing child would want, but none have. You should be treating the opportunity as a massive, massive privilage. But you don't - any questions on why in the name of fucking hell you left young children on their own in an apartment a good 5 minutes walk away whilst you got pissed with your mates in a fucking tapas bar - you react to in such a way as to anger people.

How do you think parents who have had children abducted from them when they've been far more responsible than you were feel, when they see your sneering faces over every newspaper and television screen? Max Clifford has a lot to answer for.

They are reported to be seeking 1.2m euros (£1.08m) in damages over the book and said any payment would go towards funding the private investigators hunting for Madeleine.

Like the other millions of pounds donated, from people like Richard fucking Branson, for fucks sake, have paid for "private investiagtors"? As Old Holborn says, follow the money. It's very likely Karen Matthews saw the case of your missing daughter as an inspiration to making a lot of money, only she was too pikey to pull it off. Why do you suppose you were the inspiration? You've made enough money whoring photographs of your missing daughter whether she's alive or dead, or whether you killed her or not, to live very, very comfortably for the rest of your lives.

Just saying.


seebag said...

Off topic - BCC now demonstrate that they don't know what day it is - from their website at

Recycling, rubbish and waste

Collection update - Wednesday, 14 January
Collections are taking place today and we will catch up on those missed as quickly as possible. Please can residents leave out all bins on their scheduled collection day and leave them there until collected. We thank residents for their continued patience during this period.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I'm surprised none of the usual partisan window lickers indulging in the misery porn around this case haven't turned up to berate the cynicism. Tapas eating, profiteering, child neglecting bastards at the very least.

AngryDave said...

I have watched a 40 minute documentary over the web that was banned from being telivised here in the uk. It was in Portugese with English subtitles, i dont know if you too have seen it.

I was already suspicious of these two, and after watching it there is no doubt in my mind that they disposed of their daughters body. The evidence put forward by the police detective doing the investigation suggested that she died accidentaly, and the parents cover it up. The officer was removed from the case after Gordon Brown met with the portugese prime minister, and the British press were gagged. The motives for shutting down the Portugese investigation were political, and the officer who towed the line got a promotion out of shutting the case down.

Now this bullshit. Do these sick fuckers have no shame?

The cadaver dog indicated blood and a corpse had been present beg=hind the sofa. The blood turned out to be Madeleine's. Then it indicated a body had been stored in the bottom of the wardrobe. Somewhere the police did not initialy look because they thought Madeleine was missing and not dead. Then the dog indicates a body had been in a car that was hired weeks after she 'disapeared'. A car that witnesses say was left open day and night for weeks, after being cleaned out. Residue found in the car was from a corpse that could not be confirmed to Madeleine's, but was from a member of that family. A dead member of that family.
Then there is the way that these fuckers handled the press in such a cold and calculated manner throughout everything.

Compensation? These fuckers should be locked away. Forever!!

Bristol Dave said...

Isn't there some quite strange link with Operation Ore here as well? Maybe one of the "Tapas 7"?

AngryDave said...

Not sure about that, but i may have missed it.
However, you have also reminded me of the conflicting statements of the witnesses and mr McCann. One of the witnesses said that they saw mr McCann stood talking under the living room window of his accomidation when she went to check on the kids. But, he claimed to have never seen her while he was stood talking. The only way she could have seen him without him seeing her, would be if she entered through the rear patio doors of the accomidation. Doors that could only be locked and unlocked from the inside, and would need to have been left open. If she had walked around and gone in through the front door, she would have walked right past mr McCann.
She also gave a very good description of a man who she saw carryitn what could have been a sleeping child away. However, the documentary showed that it would have been almost imposible to see a person at that distance, let alone see what they were wearing and what they looked like. The reason being that there was only one street light on tha stretch of the street and mr McCann was standing under it chatting.

The police officer's theory is that Madeleine was given drugs to make her drowsy so she would sleep while her parents got drunk and ate. She could have been woken, and heard her fathers voice outside the window. When she climbed up on the sofa to look out of the window, she fell, due to being a bit 'woozy' on the 'medication' she was given to make her sleep. During the fall she struck her head on the radiator and died. This hypothesis explains the blood and presence of a corpse behind the sofa. If her body was hiden in a case in the wardrobe, that would explain the dogs evidence in the wardrobe too.
The police moved their search to an area known for the dumping of bodies by gangland thugs about the same time as they started looking more closely at the parents. This is when, i suspect, the body of Madeleine was moved. In the car that was hired 2 weeks after she went missing. The same car that the dog indicated the presence of a corpse belonging to the McCann family. Residue that someone had tried to remove. This was also the same car that had been seen by neighbours to be left open for sometime after being cleaned quite thoroughly by the McCann's.

Now they have the cheek to play the victim, and try to convince us all that Madeleine is still alive.