Saturday, 9 January 2010

What was that about cuts vs. investment?

You fucking hypocritical, deceitful badger-browed cunt?

The chancellor has warned that Britain faces the toughest spending cuts in 20 years if Labour is re-elected.

Alistair Darling said prime minister Gordon Brown "accepts and knows" that reducing government borrowing was "never negotiable".

But hang on, what's that Gorgon's been saying, just a few days before?

Declaring that Labour would fight "every inch of the way" for victory, Gordon Brown returned to a strategy of insisting that cutting public spending was not necessarily the way to tackle the deficit.

Once again attempting to cast Labour as the party of investment versus Conservative cuts, Brown's approach marks a shift following an autumn in which both parties appeared to accept the need for spending cuts. Next year public borrowing will hit £178bn and many within government had worked hard to persuade the prime minister to accept spending cuts would be as vital as tax rises to bring this down.

Face it Gordon, you and your party are an utter fucking disgrace.

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