Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The same old tired phrases

Look, there it is again:

Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have written to Labour MPs saying the party was "deeply divided" and the issue must be sorted out "once and for all".

Downing St said Mr Brown was "getting on with the job" and cabinet ministers have been lining up behind him.

When are we going to see "Doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do?" or maybe "totally committed to doing what is right"?

And which ministers are "lining up"?

As the day progressed, cabinet ministers voiced their support for Mr Brown's leadership, including Home Secretary Alan Johnson - sometimes touted as a future Labour leader - Justice Secretary Jack Straw, Chancellor Alistair Darling, Energy Secretary Ed Miliband and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson.

So that's five mentioned there. Can't have been a very long fucking line.


AngryDave said...

Everybody knows labour are well and truly fucked when it comes to the next election. They are hoping that by changing their leader they could win the next election. But, look on the bright side, at least we get to vote for our prime mentalist this time instead of having some twat who could never be voted in thrust upon us.

Bristol Dave said...

From comments and posts on other blogs it looks like they can't replace him before the election anyway due to technicalities with when they can hold the votes etc

I think the party have lost themselves the election anyway, Gordon will just seal it for them.

Welsh boy said...

Best get married sharpish!!