Monday, 18 January 2010

Pitchforks at the ready....

After the BBC announces a Paedophile was running a teaching website.

A convicted paedophile and former teacher was free to run a major UK education website, the BBC has learned.

Samuel Kinge, 28, from Evesham, was last week jailed for a second time for downloading abusive images of children.

He had been running the Sparklebox teaching and parenting resource website used in thousands of schools.

A spot of Googling finds that the website is particularly popular with teachers, as apparently it's a great resource.


This was blocked in some areas after internet safety officials discovered who was running it and that there had been some "worrying interactivity".

The case appears to expose a potential loophole in how paedophiles could potentially access young children through technology.

Hmmm, Brass Eye, anyone?

Internet safety officials have told the BBC they became concerned after a blog and pictures of children also started appearing on the Sparklebox website, which offers colourful teaching materials such as numeracy posters for teachers and children's bedroom posters for parents.

A blog? (Presumably innocent) pictures of children?

"There were areas where pictures of children were being published and up until recently there was an active blog.

"The concerns were about the interactive technology on the site and the previous conviction of the owner."

Note that they don't explain what these pictures of children were, it could have just been photographs of kids in a classroom, entirely the kind of thing you'd expect to find on a teaching resource website. But, but, he's a paaaeeeedooooo!

Let's get this straight.

He is a convicted paedophile, and he has started a website containing (supposedly very good) teaching materials, which teachers go to, print out, and use in their classrooms. As far as I can see it's a website for teachers, not students. Even if students were to access it, it doesn't appear that there was anything remotely suspect hosted on it.

At what point are the cheeeeeldren in any danger?

He added: "I personally think that someone with a previous conviction of this nature shouldn't be allowed to access children via the internet."

He has just watched that episode of Brass Eye and believed it, hasn't he.

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