Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Well fuck me, break out the champagne

We're now officially out of recession Why? Because in Q4 2009, you know, when everyone spends loads on Christmas, the GDP grew by...wait for it...0.1%.

0.1 per cent? Fuck sake, you could achieve that kind of growth just by cooking the books. And it'll be negative again by end of Q1 2010.


Dave said...

Why do you write a blog Dave?

Anonymous said...

eh dave after years of the bep sucking labour cock?
take a fucking look at gordons 900 jobless
strapping up for butterbean!

Bristol Dave said...

Dave - why did you comment on it?

Dave said...

Intrigue? Is it attention seeking?

Weston Bay said...

0.1% eh? Don't let it go to your head!

Imagine we had Chinese growth levels. 9%? We'd collectively shit ourselves.

Bristol Dave said...

Dave: Not really. Things annoy me, it makes me feel better to rant about them. If anyone enjoys reading them and agrees, then that is a bonus. If they don't, that's fine, and they know where the door is.

bristolmoose said...

But to give the government their due, we were "the best placed economy to emerge from recession" as the BBC confirmed:

"The UK's had been the last major economy still in recession.

Europe's two biggest economies - Germany and France - came out of recession last summer. Japan and the US also emerged from recession last year."

Hmmm. Reading it back I'm not sure I've got that quite right.

And how about this for typical Labour arrogance:

"The UK economy has left recession because the government took the "right decisions", Chancellor Alistair Darling has insisted."

Really? You insist? Which were those then? I'm guessing the real reason we showed a 'growth' of 0.1% is due to the MPs paying back their accidental over claiming of expenses into the exchequer.

Dave said...

So essentially you are just another moaning fuck in the blogosphere. Not many of those around.

Bristol Dave said...

Whereas your breed of "inane commenter" is really fucking rare, isn't it?