Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Something this country's citizens appear to have forgotten

You DO NOT have a right to not be offended.

The latest "offence" people have taken, and presumably "demanded something was done about it" was a Birmingham Radio DJ's fairly reasonable response to the Queen's Speech, which he cut off halfway through with the comment "Bor-ing!".

Fair enough. The Queen's Speech is fucking boring. Exactly like church leaders, she likes to cling onto a belief that she holds some sort of relevance in today's society, when in truth many, many people simply couldn't give a fuck. She loses credibility points in my opinion for speaking with RP.

That's not the point though, the point is this:

The stations' owner Orion Media said a number of listeners had complained.

Mr Binns, who has previously been on BBC Radio 2 under the guise of spoof hospital DJ Ivan Brackenbury, said he had received a death threat following what he did.

A private radio station, funded by adverts, broadcasted something people found objectionable. So instead of just deciding to change the channel, resolve to never listen to it again, yada yada, what did they do? They put pen to paper, or picked up the phone, and complained about it. Why? Because they, like so many others now, firmly believed they had a right not to be offended.

Just like this lot.

Where on earth did this belief come from? It seems to be the latest fad reason as to why you can't say and do things now, not because of any damage you might do to yourself, or because it's a stupid idea, but because it might "offend someone".

So fucking what? I couldn't give a monkey's fuck if someone is offended, and I fail to see why anyone else should. Be offended! What the fucking hell does it matter? You don't suffer any permenant damage. Whatever happened to "Sticks and stones"?

I'm offended by the fact I can't say or do certain things in case somebody "takes offence", but does that matter? Apparently not.

Fuck me, what have we become?


Anonymous said...

dave the dead bin man fiasco from the bep has taken that shit sheet to an all time low!
By all accounts his round was in helmand province and where some chav suicide driver had pulled out too soon?
fucking sad shite

AngryDave said...

The thing about the picture in the link that really made me laugh, was the guy on the right hand side with the anti bbc sign. The bbc are the biggest appeasers of pc culture and the muslims who are protesting. But, would you expect anything less from the government's propoganda machine, and a religion that wants us all living in caves and beating our women.

Weston Bay said...

This idea that we have a 'right not to be offended' has taken quite a powerful grip on public discussion and y'know I'm not sure where it all came from. It is often used as a way to shut people up particularly when talking about controversial issues. And it works.

Even in private conversation though it has become fashionable to say "I'm offended by what you said" usually to end said conversation, particularly if some form of criticism (however mild) is involved.

Possibly it comes from the notion that we're all 'victims' of one sort or another and have a right not to have our feelings hurt.

Thankfully though I believe the majority of those I know don't really go for this as it does seem a bit 'wussy' if you know what I mean.

And people are free to call me a cunt as much as they like. I won't be offended. Honest :)

Anonymous said...

Birmingham has a population of over a million, this radio station also broadcasts to the surrounding areas Warwickshire, the Black Country etc,according to tonights Birmingham Mail there were two complaints!BRMB have a record of this sort of shit, a few years ago one DJ was sacked for refusing to play a Keith Harris and Orville record.

banned said...

Craven management should have told the complainants where to go. If they were so concerned about the Queens speech why weren't they listening to it?


AngryDave said...

I have to agree with Weston Bay on this. People who do not want to talk about controversial issues, or dont want to admit the flaws in their arguement, will try and shut their antagonist up or end a discussion they cant win with a logical arguement, by saying they are offended.