Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bet he was a fearsome sight

Ben Fogle has apparently "chased away burglars".

TV presenter Ben Fogle has described how he chased four burglars from his house as they were trying to break in.

He was in the kitchen of his home in Kensington, west London, when he spotted the men jumping over his fence.

I bet he was a fearsome sight, eh?

I say, you young ruffians! Begone, lest you see the wrong end of my garden hose!


Ben Fogle said...

I was in my kitchen, rustling up a little ragout of beef on a raisin brioche for luncheon, when I noticed four ne'er-do-wells climbing the fence near the Pyracantha. "Hullo", I thought to my self, "These Jack-the-lads would appear to be up to no good", and so I gave chase, whilst loudly reprimanding them of their misdemeanours. They made off in great haste towards Paul Daniel's house no doubt reflecting on my strong words and I rather think they won't burgle anyone else in a hurry. A most enjoyable episode, slightly tarnished as when I returned to my house the brioches had spoiled.

Bristol Dave said...

It's rather how you imagine the description if David Gilmour found someone trying to break into his houseboat.

David Gilmour said...

I fear not, David, as alas, to my chagrin, I have a brioche intolerance.
My normal lunch aboard the Astoria is a warm mousseline of sussex chicken stuffed with cave matured roquefort and fresh harvested walnuts with a sauce of sorrel hollandaise and julienne of russet apples.
Oh, and a glass of mineral water to aid moistening.