Thursday, 10 December 2009

Jandroid will not be happy

However, I think this is fucking hilarious.

Bristol City's chief executive Colin Sexstone has condemned North Somerset councillors after they dealt a potentially serious blow to plans for the football club's new £92-million stadium.

Although the decision to deny planning permission for a vital part of the scheme could yet be overturned at a further meeting or on appeal, by the time this happens the Football Association will have made up its mind whether to include Bristol as a host city for England's 2018 World Cup bid. The new stadium is central to Bristol's hopes.

They have rather successfully pissed over the border onto Jandroid's chips, haven't they? I don't give a fuck about football really so I'm not bothered - but she must be fucking livid. She's put all this effort and taxpayer's money into this bid, and now it could all have been a waste of time as this stadium was central to it.

It was a fucking shit location for the stadium anyway - Bristol just doesn't have the infrastructure in that area to cope. What ever happened to the stadium by Temple Meads idea, anyway?

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