Monday, 21 December 2009

Exactly a week later...

...and it turns out the AA and I were both right.

Not a single fucking road in Bristol was gritted, and we've got a good 4-5cm of snow. It was carnage on the road this morning because people don't appear to know how to drive on ice or snow.


banned said...

Not Bristol but I was at Plymouth Derriford/Airport 06:30 Monday morning and there was sod all evidence of salt or grit, just sliding like loon on the black ice at the many roundabouts.
Works Dept. still pissed up from Friday I expect, when most Councils seem to have gone for 2 weekds holiday not available to the rest of us, lazy cunts,.

AngryDave said...

You would have thought these idiots would have learned their lesson in February when they ran out of grit and the roads were a nightmare. But, then why should they listen to the AA? It's not like they are an organisation that deals with motorists and motoring and know what is going on or anything. Surely some coucil fuckwit who never leaves his desk knows more than the AA, doesn't he?