Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The latest pointless crackdown

Evironment officers to prowl London's streets looking for people dropping cigarette butts.

Every day about 7,000 cigarette butts are dropped in the City. They are accompanied by lighters, matches and cellophane wrappers.

Now 10 environment officers will be prowling - and issuing the fines to irresponsible smokers. Those who give false details will be fined £1,000.

How do you propose to do that, shit-for-brains?


banned said...

My thoughts too on hearing this yesterday, how do you track down and fine someone who has given false details ?

Could they explain how dropping tobacco detritous is any different to other littering or is this just another attempt to de-normalise "the filthy" smokers. Personally I carry my previous fag packet around and use it as an ashtray after smoking outdoors in the wind and the rain so as to avoid littering and put it in a street waste-bin as required.

No doubt I will get done for "depositing domestic rubbish in a public waste-bin " ( which is also illegal btw ).

Anonymous said...

wtf is an "environment officer"?

Yet another good use of tp cash


Anonymous said...

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