Thursday, 17 December 2009

Copenhagen conference showing it's true colours

Aptly demonstrated by Hilary Clinton:

The US Secretary of State said the science for climate change is now “undeniable” and the world must agree a deal in the next 48 hours.

Oh really. Prove it.

In a move that will widely be seen as a grand gesture to force developing countries to sign up to a deal, she said the US would be willing to pay into a global fund of $100 billion (£60bn) per year by 2020 to help the “most vulnerable” adapt to floods and droughts.

Here's the important bit. They want the richer nations of the world to give the poorer countries $100 billion a year. Basically redistribution of wealth.

Green truly is the new Red.

The $100 billion fund was first suggested by Gordon Brown in June this year

What a surprise

and America’s offer will boost the UK Prime Minister's credentials abroad.

He should be so fucking lucky.

It's quite amazing, the leaders of the world have pissed off both the AGW-sceptics and AGW-preachers alike. They've annoyed the sceptics by using an at best questionable theory to justify thinly-veiled redistribution of wealth, and they've annoyed the warmists by declaring the best way of dealing with the disasters they're all foretelling is by the redistribution of wealth.

Essentially they're saying that if you're rich enough, and can afford to pay for enough "carbon credits", you can emit as much CO2 as you like.

This was never about the environment.


Curmudgeon said...

Of course it wasn't, it was always about making people poorer and controlling their lives.

Now, of course, the cat is out of the bag and people are beginning to see the AGW enthusiasts for what they are.

banned said...

cf. Papal Indulgencies.
Give Papa (Al Gore) some money and your past sins are forgiven, give him some more money and you can commit more sins like rape a nun on your way home or slay a peasant.

Curmudgeon said...

Drowning a girl in a car accident when you're pissed is always a good sin to get an indulgence for, especially if you're a good Catholic boy.