Monday, 14 December 2009

Well, we'll see then, won't we

The AA has warned that half of the UK's local authorities only have enough road salt for six days of continuous freezing. And it turns out they're right:

But the Local Government Association said the suggestion councils were not ready was "ridiculous scaremongering".

...but didn't deny it. Also "scaremongering" implies that they'd prefer it wasn't reported at all.

The organisation added local authorities' reliance on "just in time" deliveries left too many of them vulnerable to a lengthy big freeze or major snowfall.

Like last winter?

He told the Today programme it was "ridiculous" for the AA to focus solely on the amount of salt, which could be increased within 48 hours and moved around the country.

Fucking didn't happen well enough last winter, though did it? Happily, the AA have a habit of doing this - pointing out things the government really wish they wouldn't, such as what percentage of fuel cost is duty. It looks like in this situation, they're going to be right again.

"If the AA thinks the only way councils can ensure they have enough salt is by stockpiling it, it is showing startling ignorance.

"Councils realise how important it is to keep roads clear. It's up to councils, not the AA, to decide whether it is a good use of their council taxpayers' money to stockpile more salt or have other plans in place to make sure they can get enough grit to keep Britain moving."

Well, we'll see, won't we. I bet the AA are right about this one as well.

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