Monday, 28 December 2009

Oh joy - Bristol aims to become a "city of sanctuary"

What's this then? Something to do with Donkeys? Nope.

Bristol is aiming to become only the second 'City of Sanctuary' in the UK.

If successful, it would join Sheffield as having a reputation of good support for asylum seekers and refugees.

Faith and community groups and charities are working towards attaining the status in the New Year.

Bristol already has a very high level of asylum seekers and refugees - if you take a walk through Lawrence Hill or Easton as an indigenous citizen of the UK (of any colour) you're definitely in the minority.

The obvious things that are glossed over in this article are 1) the cost, especially to Bristol's taxpayers and 2) the projected increase in asylum seekers/refuges as a direct result of promoting the city as welcoming them.

The only mention of any cost at all is the rather laughable quote from the Lib Dem councillor:

Lawrence Hill Liberal Democrat councillor Sue O'Donnell said: "If the investment is targeted correctly

What investment? Paid for by whom? Agreed by whom? And spent on what? I can't fucking believe this could be agreed to by the council when the details are so woolly (read: don't exist)

and we take guidance from the professionals

Who might they be? A charity that helps asylum seekers? Because of course they'll be so fucking impartial, won't they?

then we can get real tangible benefits for everyone in the community out of this."

What the fuck? Benefits? I don't suppose you'd care to list them, would you? As far as I'm aware, asylum seekers and refugees aren't allowed to work (and therefore contribute to society) by law, not that this really makes an awful lot of difference since (taking the example of Somlians) the women are forbidden to work by their husbands, who themselves have no intention of working anyway, preferring to stand on street corners chewing khat all day. Oh, but don't tell me, "multiculturalism" is all the benefit we need, right?

It's already hard enough to get onto the council housing list, there is a real shortage especially in Bristol.

Just wait until this dire economic situation really bites. Wait until the indigenous population can't get social housing because half of Mogadishu have been told how welcome they are here. This is going to do fucking wonders for the BNP's vote share here. You fucking cretins.

City of sanctuary? City of fucking hand-wringers more like.

I'd love to see how many supporters would still support it if they housed the refugees and asylum seekers in Redland/Bishopston/Cotham/Southville/Clifton rather than Easton/Lawrence Hill/St Pauls.


Anonymous said...

You twat!!

AngryDave said...

I for one, am with you Dave!
Why on earth would we want any more asylum seakers here, when we dont even want the ones we have. They do nothing positive for the local community, or the economy. They are just a drain on reasources, and end up turning people against all immigrants. Which is unfare.

When the handwringers tell us that they cant go home because 'home' is too 'dangerous' for them. What these people seem to convieniently forget is that they are those dangerous people, and all they are doing is making our country just as dangerous as theirs.
Somali's are a prime exampmle. They dont even try to fit in, as they are not even slightly interested. All they want is to screw out of us as much as they can get. As for their attitude to women, why the fuck should i just accept it as a 'cultural difference'? If it is such a harmless cultural difference, why are almost all of the Somali's in the jail where i work in for rape?
And, their attitude to female staff makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...

This is like a poor version of the daily mail.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your constructive contribution to the debate with your ad hominem attacks. One of my own then: Fuck off back to school you giggling dimwits, let the grownups talk in peace.

People should be treated equally, without regard to race, colour or creed. Failure to do this creates tensions and in the end conflict. Even the black cleaning lady where I work complained (verbatim) "they breed like flies!" about the newcommers. Thinking racism is a white only thing will lead to serious problems in the black community(-ies).

Hereward said...

Thanks Dave, Every time I go into Bristol, past the Commonwealth and Asylum Museum, I wonder if I am the only one to question how we ever got on before we had immigrants. We dont look after our own in this land why should we try to do so much for those who want what they can get out of our corrupt and bankrupt Country.

Anonymous said...

The post lacks any coherent sense or understanding between immigration and asylum or even the bigger debates. For example do you think domestic violence is committed by White men?? I live in Easton and would rather see more asylumseekers than either of the Dave's to move there.

Anonymous said...

Totally behind you. The last thing this city needs is yet more scrounging immigrants, with Bristol CC encouraging and enabling our tax money to be taken from us and funnelled into the pockets of these lazy ingrates.

Bristol Dave said...

Nice to see the predictable Ad Hominem attacks without bothering to point out where I'm wrong, or offer arguments as to why what I've said is so awful. All very well to liken it to the Daily Mail but unless you're going to contribute something yourself I fail to see what is so wrong about pointing out some home truths about just how little asylum seekers/refugees "contribute" to society.

I felt Anonymong's comment at 19:19 was particularly useful and added much to the debate.

You think I'm the one with the problem? As I said, wait until the average indigenous family (of any colour, you fuck-knuckles) starts to be denied services in favour of refugees. It will happen, most likely locally, and I'm not talking about the stirred-up shit you see in the Daily Mail. Wait until the recession really bites.

By calling me a twat and likening my post to the Daily Mail, as I suspect you would do to anyone who dares to disagree with us opening our arms to anyone who fancies being fed and clothed at our expense, you play right into the hands of the BNP and their ilk.

But then you're just too fucking ignorant to realise that, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Dave, how many asylum seekers or refugees do you know. I would guess at none. You arguments are so simplistic, I do not wish to waste my time on anargument that would go round in circles.

Bristol Dave said...

Which of my arguments are simplistic? Where I qeustion the cost to Bristol's taxpayers? Or maybe it's where I question whether refugees contribute anything to society, the economy, or the community (hint: they don't, if nothing else because with official refugee status they are prevented from working legitimately and therefore paying taxes)?

It may surprise you to learn that I don't have to know any Asylum Seekers or refugees to be able to comment on a situation. And what are the chances that YOU personally know one? I'd wager little-to-none, like nearly everyone else in this country. And if I did personally know an asylum seeker or refugee, would that change my views? Probably not. I know plenty of second and third generation immigrants and at least the ones I've spoken to share them.

Immigration is a positive thing. Bloody hell, the Polish have done wonders for this country, as people realised it was possible for a plumber to turn up the day you ring and do the job for a reasonable price. Most Polish (or at least, Eastern-European) shop workers I've come into contact with speak far better English than most English shop workers. The benefits are immeasurable. But asylum seekers and refugees are completely different to economic migrants and encouranging them to come, specifically to Bristol and:

1) Be housed and clothed at our expense, possibly/probably indefinitely
2) Not really integrate with society (not really their fault, they're all housed in ghettos by the state)
3) Not work, mainly because they're forbidden by law to, leading to
4) A continuing dependancy on the state, until they return home, which may not be in their lifetime.

Well, how is that in any way positive?

Anonymous said...

I know a fair few as it happens. What in your opinion should happen to asylum seekers?

South Gloucestershire Dan said...

@anonymous (19.24) - send them back to the first safe country that they passed through. Note that there are no direct flights from Somalia, so why do we end up with thousands of Somalis? The answer is that they passed through at least one safe country, if not several prior to reaching Britain. Therefore they are economic migrants who have entered this country illegally.
Fair play to immigrants who want to come here legally, work, and integrate but that lot and others are taking the piss.

Bristol Dave said...

I know a fair few as it happens

Course you do.

A word to the wise: Reading Abdikarim The Refugee's heart-wrenching tale of woe in The Guardian on a Saturday as you tuck into your tofu with mungbeans isn't quite the same thing.

What in your opinion should happen to asylum seekers?

If they are genuinely fleeing death in their own country they should be quite happy to try and claim asylum at the first "safe" country they reach, which clearly doesn't happen at the moment. It could be argued that since we're an island we'd never take in any refugees/asylum seekers if we followed that logic, but there's no reason we can't take "surplus" from other countries between here and (for example) Somalia.

We are duty bound, as every country is, to help those we can, but we don't owe the entire developing world a living either. If you compare the UK to other countries that should be taking in asylum seekers/refugees in terms of:

1) Population Density
2) Economic Situation
3) Current population of asylum seekers/refugees

then it's not unfair to say that a bit more balance is needed.

BRICKBAT46 said...

coitus interuptus

Anonymous said...

Interesting approach. So you are happy for other nations to take asylum seekers? Just not in in my back yard!! Do a little reading. I think there is plenty out there.

Weston Bay said...

Ok I'm a bit late in the thread here as I've been a busy man but let me submit a thought or two.

After chewing over some of the more intelligent posts here it seems to me that asylum seekers are viewed in only two ways, neither of which offer us any clarity on the subject. Either they are good for nothing leeches on the taxpayers who contribute nothing to our country or they are helpless, unloved victims of despotic regimes and an indifferent, even hostile host public.

As you rightly pointed out Dave they don't contribute anything to our society because they're not allowed to work and pay taxes. So the first question is why shouldn't they be allowed to work? Imagine if the govt. said to any other section of society that they were not allowed to work. Jesus, can you imagine the uproar, even the riots?

Another question that springs to mind is: why do they have to present themselves as victims in order to receive any consideration from the authorities let alone the caring, loving attentions of the hand wringers (who are just as useless as the kickemallout brigade)?

I'm trying to think of it this way- what if the the term "asylum seeker" had never been invented? Would they then be regarded as ordinary migrants leaving behind lousy circumstances in order to start a new life in another country?

Let's face it, the people of the United States could so easily be called asylum seekers but we don't do that do we? Why not? They are descended from people who fled persecution- many of them fleeing from our own dear shores ironically.

I'm not making definitive statements here as I'm trying to clarify my own thoughts on the subject. I am not of the kickemout crowd but neither am I of the hand wringing givemallhugs brigade. But there is still a issue here which can only be exploited by the BNP. That's why we need to view this from a different angle.

Anonymous said...

I know a fair few as it happens

Course you do.

A word to the wise: Reading Abdikarim The Refugee's heart-wrenching tale of woe in The Guardian on a Saturday as you tuck into your tofu with mungbeans isn't quite the same thing.

Is this you attempt at debate Dave??

Bristol Dave said...

Yes, if you include the pertinent bits you selectively chose not to quote. Where's yours?

Anonymous said...

How many asylum seekers are there in Bristol and how much do they cost?

Anonymous said...

Christ on a bike, where do all you leave them alone they only want to have a better life people live? Ohh let me guess nowhere near these no good thieving benefit gaining scum, you all live in nice little house safe from the mugging threats and general crime. As has been said many times -but allways ignored by the righteous- England is not the first country they land in on their quest for asylum I always thought under international law this is where thay had to ask for asylum? massive deportation is needed to end this farce, billions of £ worth of aid has been given to these countries, for what? we get the buggers anyway.

Its going to get nasty, I have warned my son that he will need to fight a war in a few years time.
Not a war in a foreign country but a war here a war to defend his and his families freedom and their lives.
I dont give a fuck about them to be honest, sharp in take of breath from the righteous, thats right I dont give a fuck! I beleive charity begins at home.

All you self righteous assholes will want to be protected from these people in a few years time, dont come fucking cryin to us!

Anonymous said...

I fear for your son!! You are seriously paranoid, too much skunk as a young boy!!

Anonymous said...

I fear for your son!! You are seriously paranoid, too much skunk as a young boy!!

1) never touched the stuff, boring I know but true.

2)Dont fear for my son he will look after himself. Fear for you and your family, If you dont bad luck.
But please dont come crying to those who are making preperations.
Paranoid, thats a matter of opinion.

Anonymous said...

You sound like some sort of militia, get a grip. Living in luxury with enough time play on the web commenting on blogs. Who do you think owns the most land and the lions share of the wealth and power - not asylum seekers. Has life dealt you a bad hand?

Anonymous said...

P.S if your son is being raised by you, then I certainly do fear for him! Happy 2010 - prepare for the invasion. :)

Anonymous said...

You sound like some sort of militia, get a grip. Living in luxury with enough time play on the web commenting on blog

What a prattish thing to say, I'm entitled to my opinion, ohh sorry perhaps not under this shower of shite.

No perhaps they dont own all the land but they take all our social housing put huge burdens on those that pay high taxes over run our health service, create problems in schools the list goes on.

I have personally suffred due to them, my daughter cant get a fucking house but some fucking aashole of an imigrant can my grandson had to move schoo;s because 73% could not speak english my son was abused by a group of africans and was told it was not racial and if he perssited in his complaint he might be concieved as being racist, the fucking poles want all the jobs and cant speak the lingo,some of them shit in the street, caused havoc with a crime spree this summer and nicked my wifes purse with £500 in it for our holiday so go fuck yourself you left wing righteous c^nt!

Anonymous said...

Howsabout this then? Check it out.

Anonymous said...

"As you rightly pointed out Dave they don't contribute anything to our society because they're not allowed to work and pay taxes. So the first question is why shouldn't they be allowed to work?"

Its all very well allowing them to work, but if they`re only earning a minimum wage, then the housing benefit,council tax benefit, family tax credits and a whole list of other benefits(NHS, public services, I wont go on) would far outweigh their income tax contributions.I know there are many people in the same situation who were born here, but do we really need to be importing more?
I`m sure there must be some benefit to company profits employing these people but I fail to see the books being balanced here. I`m also sure there's far more to this than money, but if the ship sinks, were all going with it. And that helps who exactly?
I hate to see these people suffering, but this country has dire financial problems and cant afford to be a refuge.