Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Southville Snobbery

With the latest Ashton Gate Supermarket developments, as detailed by The Evening Post:

Details of the plans for the Sainsbury's store proposed for Ashton Gate have emerged for the first time.

The new store, which would be the chain's biggest in the south west with a floorspace of about 96,800sq ft (9,000sq m), is bigger than the one originally planned by Tesco at Bristol City FC's current ground – but less in size than the combined shop space of two stores in the area.

So presumably the people who were against a Tesco opening up there for reasons of congestion and damage to local shops will be against a Sainsburys as well? Well no, it turns out it's not quite simple.

Some people are maintaining a credible stance, such as Charlie Bolton, who states

"I am likely to oppose it. I think the proposed size will mean the same problems as if it had been a Tesco store."

Exactly. But then Labour councillor Sean Beynon states

"When the Tesco plan was suggested, most people were opposed to it because they didn't want to see another supermarket in the area.

"In my view, therefore, this is potentially a good solution for the club and the community."

Which is typical of the kind of hypocrisy that many BERATE supporters were showing. They were totally against a Tesco opening, but not a Sainsburys, but they didn't have the bollocks to admit to being so snobby and to reveal their true anti-globalist colours, so instead they dressed it up to be a protest against a supermarket, when in fact it seems it was a protest against Tesco all along.

Of course, they'll try and gloss over this fact by stating that it's a replacement store rather than a new one but this is frankly irrelevant as Charlie correctly points out above, as it will still bring exactly the same problems (congestion, "damage" to local shops) as they claimed a Tesco would, replacement store or not.

Just admit it, BERATE supporters, you will never form a BERASE because it's not a supermarket you're against, it's a Tesco.

You fucking anti-capitalist snobs.


Forest Pines said...

I was a BERATE supporter, and I'm happy to say that I'm against a larger Sainsburys too.

Bristol Dave said...

Good. If I find out that most BERATE supporters are against a Sainsburys too, I'll happily reconsider my "hypocrite" accusation.

Weston Bay said...

Funny you never hear of a campaign against Waitrose...

Just a thought.

Compliments of the season to all from the Bay :)

Bristol Dave said...

Weston Bay: My thoughts exactly, or an M&S. It's just snobbery from Soutville's handwringing chattering classes :)

Anonymous said...

At least you don't live there.

Well, it was a bit of novelty, a march, a bit of leafleting.

Plus the Dijibuti Homeless Theatre Group are performing "White Mans rage", an progressive, insightful account of the West's crimes against other people.

Boring, boring people. Naive, spoiled, and intensely annoying.

I know there are some decent Southvillans out there, so apologies to those of us who aren't.

Anonymous said...

Happy chrimbo and a ranting new year dave and leave hartcliffe alone!
Thats why i fucked off and remember it, for what it was and not what it is?
That big drug cartell i went to hartcliffe comprehensive with kung fu sooty and julian norman!
Go look up where i live and my old mucker plasterer craig brimble was pissed and throwing shopping baskets!
Hartcliffe was a great place to grow up as a kid and sadly it´s all gone
dave yer a good read all the best mucker