Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My, Jandroid WILL be pleased after all her desperation to get everyone on board and "marketing the city", Bristol has been shortlisted as a host city for the world cup.

Still, this still relies on FIFA including it as a final choice of venues, and more importantly, England winning the title of hosting country in the first place. Oh yeah, and BCFC have to win their appeal against North Somerset's planning decision.

When you consider these hurdles, it makes the effort of "marketing", and completely fabricating figures of supposed money being spent by the predicted tourists etc even less worth it. But yet, despite a lot of people simply not giving a fuck whether we host it or not, Jandroid ploughs on. I dread to think of the costs.

Way to go, Jandroid!

Jandroid, pleased


seebag said...

Don't knock it. For her it's a very useful displacement activity. Those basic services for tax paying citizens are just so boring.

Bristol Dave said...

It's also worth remembering that a large majority of the people backing the bid in Bristol are BCFC fans who want a new stadium, and frankly see the hosting of the world cup as a bonus. Once they have their new stadium are they really going to stump up cash to watch USA vs Cameroon?

Chris Hutt said...

This World Cup pantomime has another key purpose hinted at by seebag. It's a major distraction from the harsh realities of a collapsing fiscal base with ineviable cuts in public expenditure.

Of course Jandroid and co have latched onto this like limpets. How else can they talk up Bristol's prospects, and by implication their own effectiveness, against a background of financial crisis and an economy about to be hit by inflation?

seebag said...

Too right CH, and nothing is going to alter my opinion that this is irresponsible gambling with our money at a time when every last available penny will be needed for services the Council is supposed to provide. It's the unacceptable and unprofessional equivalent of our poorest people buying their £20 worth of scratchcards every week.

Bristol Dave said...

CH and seebag: Absolutely spot on.

Chris said...

As a Bristol City fan, I can truly say that if the stadium is built and the World Cup comes to our city, I will be going for tickets for every game at the stadium.