Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Yet more biased shit from BCC's Equalities Team

Now it's thieving Gypsies we're apparently supposed to put on a pedestal, as well as pay Council Tax to support.

My blood pressure raised with every further page of this biased, apologist shit.

With such gems as this:

"We work and pay our taxes". "We have strong morals and look after each other"
(Gypsies and Travellers speaking).

...but not anyone else.

Gypsies and Travellers are bound by the same rules as everyone else. They pay taxes and license fees.

I mean, seriously. They're really taking us for fucking idiots here aren't they. They're bound by the same rules as everyone else but I'm buggered if they feel compelled in any way to stick to them. Paying taxes? How? Who's going to chase them up, when they don't really have an address? And License fees? What, for vehicles or TVs? I think not, somehow.

But apparently it's OK and we should just tolerate the fact that they demand all sorts of shit from the Council (which the handwringing right-on Equalities team are falling overthemselves to justify and then happily provide) without paying taxes, because according to the document (Page 4) Gypsies and Travellers have lived in and
around Bristol for hundreds of years.

Well, that's just fucking fine then.

Note the "Myths" column throughout the booklet which lists supposedly incorrect media quotes, but then makes no attempt (in the column or really in the text) to refute these. My assumption is because they can't. The best they can do is say "No they don't, Gypsies pay taxes", quoting some University research paper from Communist Bleeding-Heart Hand-wringer Et Al, 1995.

You might contend that there are plenty of non-Gypsy chavs living in social housing demanding all sorts without paying tax. I would agree, and group them together as filthy scroungers, frankly.

Kudos to the Team for including the phrase "stinking Gypo", though.


Fidothedog said...

Careful upset a pikey an they might turn up an tarmac your drive. Oh an demand money with menaces for the privilege.

AngryDave said...

Fuck all of the pikey cunts. I have got my fingers crossed for a polar shift, that way the fuckers will all freze to death. Problem solved.

Gypsy Rose Lee said...

What a load of fucking hogwash.

Two gypsies were awarded Victoria Crosses.....for bravery in the face of twenty chickens they were trying to nick. Pikey scum.

Travelling Twats! said...

Racist cunts on here. I fucking like it. Dont say this on Guido Fawkes blog though, fat fucker will have a heart attack!

Bristol Dave said...

Racist? No, just anti-scrounger. I hate scroungers of all races.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Diversity Celebrations all round I see.
From a Police blog
'Travellers' =
Caravan Utilising Notional TaxpayerS.
I'll just ignore the myth that each and every time they invade a patch of land they leave behind terrified, robbed neighbours along with heaps of brocken fridges, nappies, bottles, soiled bedding, dead dogs, rusty cars and other filth for the council to clear up.
I'll ignore the Myth that the sole reason that you can register a vehicle to a 'care of' address is to accomodate their 'alternative' lifestyle.
I'll ignore the myth that the council has to surround any vacant blade of grass with huge boulders to stop them doing the first myth.
I'll ignore the myth of their extraordinary level of violence when challanged about any of the above or anything else.
I'll ignore the myth that taxi-drivers refuse point blank to pick up from the out of town Traveller Camp ( which would be a good fare except that they would rather beat the driver senseless than pay it ).

Some of those in the Equalities Team should try visiting such a camp and see how fucking equal they feel after a bit of random sexual violence.

Anonymous said...

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