Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Jade Goody

Not desperate to comment on this but will anyway.

I will start by saying I do not wish cancer on anybody. It is a vile illness and causes grief to so many people. I know plenty who have been affected personally by it, I'm sure everyone else does.

Still, that matters little, because I'm probably going to hell anyway for laughing like a fucking drain at this comment on DK's Blog:
Jade Goody is a squat little troll and her death will raise the global IQ by a couple of points.

Shilpa Shetty is as hot as all fuck and I would gladly chuck one up her.

If you cannot see the difference, I must weep for your apparently dead heterosexuality, and and if you cannot see that a dead Jade Goody is a net gain for the human race, I must weep for your apparently dead common sense.

Still, it says a lot when not so long ago she was the country's hate figure and Jeremy Clarkson was lauded for describing her (quite accurately) as
a racist pig-faced waste of blood and organs

As I said, I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone and feel a bit sorry for her. However, I'm really not sure I can cope with the constant coverage of one person with cancer (how many die each year, do you reckon) who really has done sweet fuck all to justify the attention, and God forbid, the Diana-esque outpouring of fake grief when she dies, from people who only a year ago thought she was utterly repulsive.

It took long enough to scrub this image from my mind after making the mistake of seeing that episode of Big Brother:


Bemused Wolf said...


The Penguin said...

I shall not weep. In fact, when I read that she'd got cancer of the cunt I thought it very appropriate. Fucking Reality TV Star, for fuck's sake. I refuse to watch such crap, and find it odious in the extreme that such non-entities get such press coverage, and presumably make a living from being a "celebrity".

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...;jsessionid=53EC30CB4F90327362151B7346E258E7.tcwwwaplaws3

Nice to see Bristol Council has everything sorted then

Mac the Knife said...
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Take a look on the BEP homepage on
the snow videos and have a gander at plod arresting an innocent white snowman?
The fuckers are getting paid aswell!

Sarah said...

Please, please, please feature this post. I am not a god botherer but I found this mint. I suspect that even the bible bashers have had enough of 'free speech' when it means in a Christian Country even the Christians voice is un heard. I reckon they are fighting back. Eye for an Eye etc. Lets see how many complaints this gets. Bearing in mind it's not just Christians, it's a group of The Christian party, the Trinitarian Bible Society and the Russian Orthodox Church. I have no God but if the 'Righteous' can do it so can any one else. Lets see how much coverage the Bollocking Bastard Cunts and the Daily wail give this one.

AngryDave said...

Sometimes cancer is the cure and not the problem.

Old Holborn said...


fuck off

You posted the same shite at my blog

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Not having a telly it took me a while to remember who this bint was. I didn't care then (shilpur shitty ) and I don't care now ( cancer ).
Horrid pic btw.

Bristol Dave said...


You can indeed fuck off. I was a great supporter of the Atheist Bus Poster campaign and as a devout atheist have no time for God Botherers and their posters.

Since nobody gives a flying fuck about the church any more they won't have anywhere near the funds that the Atheist ones had - most of them can barely afford to repair their roof - so I'll guess there will be about 10 adverts.

captainff said...

I am relishing the increase in average IQ and a decrease in the obesity stats all in one hit.

Nice to see her milking it for as much as possible so that her kids will have some money left to them when she dies. Shame The Scum and The Moaner couldn't find better things to put on their front pages though.

bristolmoose said...

Now it's been confirmed that she only has months to live, The Sun has proclaimed this as "The tragedy we all feared" All of us? I rather think not. I can only assume they have done the same sort of widespread survey that beauty products do and have questioned a large cross section (34 people) of the public (in Basildon).

Anonymous said...

Hey, she's dying... Its a human thing to let a person have dignity.

Not real people are you?

Old Bag said...

i just think its a fucking shame she was allowed to breed...