Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Come over by yer, look you, lemme tell you a question

Of all the overly-patriotic people, the ones I hate the most have to be the Taffia. Don't get me wrong, I haven't really got much against the Welsh other than some of them are fairly morlock-y and South Wales is home to a suspiciously large number of incapacity benefit claimants - but I am sick and fucking tired of hearing drivel like this.
Llanelli MP Nia Griffiths has called for the national identity card to include Welsh text.
Seriously, what a load of old shit.

Only around 450,000 people or 16% of Welsh residents can actually read the fucking langauge (and only 4% more can speak it), but yet you get these jumped-up pricks demanding that all official documents, cards, papers are printed in it. It seems those who aren't on the sick are employed by the Local Government to translate all this shit into Welsh.

I'll take this opportunity to make clear that if you take the population of the United Kingdom as a whole (which is who would get the ID cards), 0.75% can read Welsh. Less than one fucking percent. But yet this stupid jumped-up cow wants her pointless, phlegm-gargling language to be printed on ID cards for everyone, even though only 0.75% would know what the fuck it meant without the English translation.

And of the 16% of the Welsh population who can read Welsh, how many give a fuck whether official documents are printed in Welsh or not? How many would refuse an English official document such as an incapacity benefit application unless they could have it in Welsh? Come to think of it, out of all the people that claimed they could read Welsh, to what extent? Fluently? Could they fill out an official application form without a dictionary? Somehow, I doubt it.

Wales doesn't even have a national newspaper printed in Welsh, because the main national newspaper (printed in English) only has a readership of 40,000 and following the stats above, only 6400 of those people can actually read Welsh so they'd loose 84% of their readership, which would probably send them under.

The only way they'll get it printed on the card is with full devolution, and good luck to them I say. Especially with a lower GDP per capita than most other European Countries (that'd be the result of having towns with 20% of people on incapacity benefit) they'll need it.


TractorStats said...

God I hate the Welsh and their bloody stupid Welsh language and both my parents were Welsh. We are now in the 21st century, most of the world can speak English and many foreigners speaks it beterr than I does. If some of the Welsh want to speak it or read it then do it in their own homes and stop shoving it down every body's throats or your be on the pires too when we set fire to this bloody goverment after the riots this summer. The language is near enough extinct for a good reason its obsolete now we have left the stone age behind us.

AngryDave said...

It is a pointless language! As you say, there are so few welsh people who actualy claim to able to speak it to an unknown extent. Yet some muppet still wants it on their i.d card.
I bet they get it too.

Screech said...

oi im welsh, but yes i agree the language should be left to die, i am quite appy wiv my english language innit boyo blad?

Anonymous said...

fair enough the welsh language is pointless, but its better than speaking like a fuckin farmer drivin twat like yourself, so before you start gobbin off (on the net, as you wouldnt have the bollocks to say it to any that speaks it) think about ur accent before criticising languages.