Monday, 9 February 2009

Oh do shut up, you whining short-arsed little prick

"Celebrity" chef Antony Worrall Shitbag has had to shut four restaurants, leaving 60 of his staff redundant.

No different from many other restaurants then. People are eating out less, and they're suffering. But who is he whining at?
"It makes me cry. It is just appalling... I am furious, to be honest, that the banks didn't support me," he added.

Oh right, yes, it's all the bank's fault.

If his business is losing money (which he freely admits throughout the article) who the fuck does he think will happily lend him £200,000? And how can he have the temerity to demand they lend him money when he clearly has no hope of paying it back?

I don't think the banks are the problem, I think it's lack of fucking customers. But then he's obviously too stupid to work that out.

Anthony - have you tried Ocean Finance? I think they lend to people who have a similar ability to repay.

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The Penguin said...

Self satisfied fat cunt.

Just my humble opinion!

The Penguin