Sunday, 8 February 2009

Don't worry Jackboots, of COURSE we believe you

So, the evil bitch has denied breaking parliamentary expense rules by claiming "second home" expenses (which are "up to" £24,000 (though you just know she's getting the full 24k) a year) on the house she shares with her husband, since she apparently stays with her sister in the week.

Look at the fucking arrogant trout.

Of course she's fucking lying. God I really do detest this woman, it's a hatred I don't even have for most of the government. It's due to the fact that she is the cornerstone of arrogance within this Labour government. Her and Milliband. One look at the expression on her face in most TV interviews tells you exactly what she thinks of the electorate.

What happens if she gets found out though? Pretty much fuck all. She'll carry on claiming them.

Wonder if Kerry McCarthy has anything to say on the matter. No - thought not Kerry - after all, you've got previous, haven't you.

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