Friday, 27 February 2009

Shirley Brown/Marshall Part II

Deadbeat Dad has done some frankly cracking work in digging up more on Shirley Marshall.

Firstly, her website, which is just putrid bullshit, and seems to sell Shirley as some sort of a "Motivational Speaker", although given the video of her in a previous post, I'm not sure I'd really pay any money for it.

It contains gems such as
Seminars are designed from personal experience Shirley allows the Holy Spirit to direct her, discerning and speaking the prophetic word directly to individuals bringing clarity, and confirmation. Time to walk into your divine destiny.
Shirley Brown is an International speaker, pastor, evanglist, prophet and teacher

I wonder if she picked this shit up in America.

A WHOIS lookup is interesting:
Domain name:

Destiny U Can

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Really, Shirley? That would be why you have a "webstore" (I guess it can be loosely described as that) where you sell your book? Not to mention your entire website selling your company, which trades in motivational speeches.

The address registered for the company is:
which I suspect is Shirley's.

She studied at a Bible college and is presently a minister for Holiness
Ministries, Pentecostal Church of God based in Wolverhampton.

This is great, now so if anyone, anywhere says something she doesn't agree with, not only are they being racist, but they are prejudiced against her religion.

For £18 you can view her Annual Accounts. I wonder if it's worth it. And shouldn't she be declaring this as an interest?


James Barlow said...

Given that the copyright date is still "2006", I suspect she isn't getting much business.

Mind you, neither are many of us these days.

Shirking From Home said...

She sounds a bit of a coconut fruitcake, and these types are in power FFS.

Makes Labour and parliament's job of fooling us easier. She typifies the fog of stupidity and factional interests that is local government.

Anonymous said...

Her website is obviously the work of a retard. Cut her some slack.

Mummy said...

Spotted this
in the back pages of the Beeb.I reckon Shirley Brown could teach Carol T a thing or two about being racist, aka how to do it properly, in public AND get away with it.

Anonymous said...

If she's a British Councillor i.e. in Bristol, why are the prices on her website - for her book anyway - in dollars? Some sort of Tax Avoidance?

Edwin Greenwood said...

coconut fruitcake

That sounds rather nice, "hactually", SfromH. I think I'll have some for dessert tomorrow evening.

Bristol Dave said...


I think the website prices are in dollars primarily because that's her target market. She might be racist and quite happy to claim councillors allowance whilst on holiday in Florida for months but she's not stupid - she knows that it's very unlikely that people in the UK will by into that kind of over-zealous religious shit, but the Yanks will love it. Their TV is full of channels of preachers/audiences talking in "tongues", audience members collapsing and shaking like morons when the preacher touches their forehead, etc etc.

It's BIG business, and my guess is there's always room for one more.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Shirley in the local news about a year ago as the councillor who lived in the US? I seem to recall that she recently married an american and was spending all of her time over there, and neglecting her ward constituents. Wonder if any of them noticed?

Bristol Dave said...

Anonymous: Yes, she was. I think she's reinvented herself as a "prophet" in the US.

ALF said...

What sorry people some of you are! Not all politians are the same just as not all bloggers are the same. She has made progress in many community areas/issues and made life better for many men, women and families but of course you wouldnt want to see that, would you. No political party/individual can bring 100% change. Also, her personal life is none of your business - end of! If you were in her shoes, you know you wouldnt do any better probably do much worse because you have chosen to judge someone with your own yardstick! Slander produces slander. I am sure if people were to dig up your own backyard there would be plenty of gossip for people to make a meal out of and the police would also be VERY interested too! If you dont like the party, then dont vote for them (or any of them)because I can tell you this, they are all the same. Temporary relief but not 100%.

Bristol Dave said...

Also, her personal life is none of your business - end of!

Just noticed this comment, and seriously, what a load of shit.

Her personal life is none of our business, except when she happily takes her councillors allowance (funded by us, the taxpayer) when she's not even in the fucking country.

I bet half the "progress" she has made was actually made by Jon Rogers, her far more productive counterpart.