Tuesday, 10 February 2009

More Jackboots

Old Holborn has been doing some cracking work uncovering yet more shit about Jackboots.

So, despite claiming that her "main home" is at her sisters, her own website claims that she lives in Reditch.

Also, she is registered to vote in both Redditch:

AND London:

which means two things. Firstly, as far as I can tell, she gets two votes, but also that she is only allowed to vote in two places if she owns both of them, according to Section 4.13 of the guidelines.

Does anyone have access to the electoral roll or the Land Register?


Old Holborn said...

I hate the cunt.

Nothing personal you understand, I just want to see her bloated corpse rotting in the Thames

Bristol Dave said...

I hate her too, mainly because she's one of the most arrogant of the 646. Possibly moreso than fucking Milliband for fuck's sake.

That revolting photo I included has had gratuitous Photoshop work done. Look at the colour of the teeth for starters.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Call me old fashioned but since when having a second residence allow you to have a second vote ?

Looks like the corrupt cow will ride this one out with the help of the Parliamentary authorities. She may think that she has done nothing wrong but nobody else does.

Anonymous said...

I think Ms Smith is a petty thief in the way she claims these expenses, however you are barking up the wrong tree on the electoral role.

4.13 doesn't mention ownership and the cases cited are about utility (significant usage) of homes not ownership

I urge every tax payer to report Ms Smith to HMRC for tax fraud. I am pretty damn sure that she claimed her Redditch home as a main residence when she sold it to avoid paying cgt, when she has publicly stated that it is not her main residence.

the whistleblowers site is here


Although oddly enough when I tried to submit an online report I got a message saying the server was full. And now there are two helicopters overhead and my family are missing........