Monday, 23 February 2009

More on Jade, the pointless pig-faced troll

After an (Anonymous) comment or two on the post further down on Jade, I thought I'd post my response in a blog post. I feel no need to justify any of my opinions of this repulsive woman.
You show a photo of a dying Jade Goody with the text ' Who wouldn't want to fuck someone that looks like this '
In the context of the photo and the comment, the fact she's dying is completely irrelevant. She was still fucking ugly before she had cancer and this ugliness is no way attributed to her illness. It's because she's a pig-faced troll, and I see no reason to change my (accurate) opinion on her physical appearance because she's been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

If she was a pig-faced troll who happened to be a very nice person then I think you'd find none of this vitriol would be spouted (not only by me, I hasten to add). But she's not, she's so ignorant, slow and just so plain fucking stupid that it makes me ashamed that the UK's schooling system not only turned out her, but thousands of others that admire her.

And for what?

What the fucking fuck has she ACTUALLY done, apart from embarass herself countless times on national television?
I bet you would be the first to complain if someone posted some shitty opinions about you (and I mean your REAL identities).
Probably not, it's happened before, it'll happen again. That's life. But having said that, I'm not whoring myself to every newspaper Max Clifford can persuade to print my fucking ugly face.
publish your identities if you feel you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Put your money where your mouth is
Why don't you, Anonymong?

I hardly see why I have to "publish my identity" to hold and express an opinon on someone, whether they're dying or not.

It's the Princess Diana syndrome all over again - nobody gave a fuck about her when she was alive, but then when she died anyone who dared not to give a fuck about her was treated like a holocaust denier. It's the same with Jade - before she was diagnosed with cancer, she was (at best) a national laughing stock and (at worst) a national embarassment. Now we've got handwringing mongtards like you sticking up for the pointless cow and her ever-shortening pointless fucking life.

Fuck off.


Anonymous said...

When I compare the apparent person behind the above bile with Jade G. there is little doubt whom I'd prefer to share time with.

SaltedSlug said...

I second ^this^.

It's a shame she had the chance to breed.

SaltedSlug said...

And by ^this^ I meant the post, not the nimble fingered mong who got in first comment.

Mummy said...

I'm with you Dave. People every day are dying of all types of cancer. Why is her story so special. She was a fucking twat for the whole of her life, she did no good anywhere, foisted her ugly mug and ignorance on all and sundry and genrally fucked most of Britain off at some time or another. She has made millions out of cancer. Like she made millions out of being crass and ignorant. So is she gonna dish out those millions to all the cancer suffers or the people that help them. Nope she's gonna keep it for her boys. That's her choice, it's her money. The only thing to add is that her stupidity finally caught up with her, abnormal smears, fuck em, I can't get cancer cos I is famous, in I. Oh and the fact that Tweedy will fuck off back into obscurity once she pops it, and if Maxy boy has anything to do with it, it will be with out Jades dosh. Cos Tweedies a thick, chavvy twat too.

Bristol Dave said...


The feeling is of course mutual. Anyone who is able to tolerate her breathtaking lack of intelligence, as well as that fucking voice, is not someone I wish to spend any time with.

AngryDave said...

Well said Dave!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh dear, is it fags and beer 76? :o)

Bristol Dave said...

I doubt it. He might have been a fucking prick, but he wasn't stupid. Quite frankly I can't understand any sane-minded person wanting to spend any time with Jade Goody.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Anoyingmong 23 February 11:04 Off you go then, don't rush back.

Bristol Dave "she's so ignorant, slow and just so plain fucking stupid" and racist.

Who will look after the two boys ? Hopefully not the drug addicted criminal retard that she married at Down Hall country hotel, Essex ( class ). But that leaves Social Services who might just want to make a claim on their inheritance.

zeen said...

Lol. I totally agree. She has no self respect.

Old Bag said...

i am in total agreement with you, dave. the hand-wringing do-gooders of the country are treating this troll like she is fucking royalty, when she is just a ignorant, racist (yes, remember what you were calling her, 2 years ago, tabloids?) thick fuckwit. yes, its a shame she has cancer, but then, millions of people die from cancer every year in the uk, but dont get any of the preferencial treatment she has!..get a fucking grip, people!..she is nothing but a media whore!

Defaye said...

Thank you Dave. Couldn't agree more.

What is more depressing is that people want to read an idiot's biography. It's #1 in so many stores it's making my eyes bleed.

katty said...

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