Tuesday, 24 February 2009

More on Congestion

A £536,000 "reward" has been handed to councils in the Bristol area for meeting targets to cut traffic congestion.

No mention that this was nothing to do with BCC, and is just economic downturn + high fuel prices that caused this.

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon has made it clear that he still wants local authorities with overstretched transport networks to look at introducing congestion charging.

Which we're getting anyway with the BRT scheme.

A West of England Partnership spokesman said: "The money will be spent on schemes to help further control or reduce congestion in the Greater Bristol urban area – including those within the city of Bristol and on major traffic corridors close to the city's boundaries.
"These might include major junction improvements and the monitoring and further improvement of traffic signals and traffic engineers are currently drawing up proposals for priority schemes that can be delivered with the help of this welcome additional resource."

This bit is interesting. By "priority schemes" does he mean improvements to traffic lights/junctions that can be prioritised to recieve the cash first, or does he mean schemes on traffic lights that prioritise traffic? I'm betting the latter.

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