Sunday, 4 January 2009

Ever wondered how Jan Ormondroyd gets £180k?

Here's your answer.

I can't really see what on earth she has done for the city to earn her well-publicised £180,000 a year, but at least now we know how she managed to wangle such a sum.

Solace Enterprises, a recruitment company, is paid fees of about £20,000 by local councils to headhunt chief executives and recommend salary levels.

Its advice has contributed to burgeoning pay packets for chief executives, many of whom are now paid more than £150,000 a year. The company is wholly owned by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (Solace), which represents town hall bosses. The company’s directors include a number of serving chief executives.

Well, there's a fucking surprise. You have to remember that Chief Executives of Councils aren't the same as Chief Executives of private companies. In the private sector, CEOs have the responsibility of ensuring the company survives, whether by making revenue or cost-cutting. Whether you agree with high salaries of private sector CEOs they are at least paid for this responsibility. If they don't succeed, they are sacked. None of these responsibilities really exist in the public sector. They exist on paper, but in practice it doesn't really happen - the Council is probably one of the least efficient companies in Bristol. Where private companies are hit by the downturn and have to streamline their processes and sometimes have to consider redundancies just to survive, the Council just put up Council Tax. As BCC is planning to do with us, with a planned increase of 3.5%.

Never mind. At least our Chief Executive is worth it. Really.

UPDATE: Jan was recruited by Rockpools to
lead the dynamic and diverse city of Bristol.

(Thanks Chris)

I'm interested to know exactly what this "leadership" has consisted of, and how, in any way, it justifies a taxpayer-funded salary of £180,000. Or whether Rockpool deserved the (up to) £70,000 BCC spent on recruitment fees alone. Certainly, given her performance in this video, she strikes me as a bit, well, slow.


Chris Hutt said...

The company that recruited Jan was called Rockpool. Their website goes to some pains to justify the high salaries now paid to local authority CEOs.

AngryDave said...

£180,000 for another bullshit politicaly correct non-job. As for the bbc, those robbing cunts must have been giving the government back-handers.
After all the publicity about how the bbc waste money and how the directors are using expense accounts as money pots for they're families, there can be no other reason they can still charge for a tv licence.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Your RSS feed is fucked, you cunt.

John said...

Being Chief Exec is not a `non-job` and anyone doing it properly will be one of the best in their field as they will be head of the local civil service and in charge of the day to day management of the Council with the Leader etc providing policy and strategy.

andrew said...
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Anonymous said...

After a Council Tax dispute with Bristol City Council, I raised the issue with Jan Ormondroyd. She is, without any doubt, the most useless individual I have ever dealt with. Incompetence doesn't even start to describe her, and I suspect a 10 yr old could run the council with greater effect. She isn't work 18k, let alone 180k.