Monday, 26 January 2009

Back permenantly now

Real life demands stopped blogging. Sorry!

Let's start with some tasty, tasty bullshit:

Let's have a look at this in more detail

Council tax rise just 3.5%

Sorry, JUST 3.5%? Maybe you'd like to justify that rise, Helen, given that inflation has fallen dramatically and we might even be heading for deflation? Oh, that's right, you fucking can't. Apparently, the council will identify

£7m of efficiency savings

This is, of course, just intended to sound good - the fact that they haven't identified where the savings are going to be made simply means that they don't know where they can. They might lay off a few staff (though not the 50% they could get away with laying off with little affect on half the service provided) but in truth they'll just cover extra costs with rises in their guaranteed income from council tax.

£200,000 to further improve recycling services

Further fuck up, I think you'll find - judging on recycling in Bristol so far.

Also, pay attention to "where the money goes" from about 3:42 onwards. Note that this only shows where the money spent on services goes - it does not show where the total incomings from Council Tax go - which of course is mostly wages and pension payments for council workers.

At least she's more coherent than Jandroid I suppose.

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AngryDave said...

They wont be cutting frontline services, but the caretaker of my building will disapear very soon. I will still have to pay for him in my rent, even though he will not be showing up for work anymore. In his place we are going to get cleaning contractors coming in a few times a week. This will no doubt be some illegal somali imigrants wandering around in their bed sheets dragging a mop behind them. Maybe it will be the same 'company' that did the 'cleaning' for Axa in Filton, as this was the case when my wife worked there for three and a half years.
Or maybe i am just a cynic?

Helen Holland talks about how the presence of pcso's are making the streets safer. What a load of bollocks! We want real police, not plastic police. And, we want them on the streets, not sat behind desks for most of their shift, answering bullshit emails and doing e-learning diversity packages to make them less institutionaly racist.
Forget all the 'specialist' burglary/car crime/hate crime teams that do nothing but shuffle bits of paper and send emails to the few police officers left on the street. Get these pricks out of the offices and back onto groups, then cut out all the bullshit, get rid of NCRS, then finaly the police can get on with their jobs and lock up scumbags. Some reforms to the CPS (couldn't prosicute satan), so that they actualy lock the fuckers up when the police catch them.

Of course it's just a suggestion.