Monday, 19 January 2009

Apologies for lack of blogging...

...normal service will be resumed ASAP.

Starting, unsurprisingly, with this cunt:

Take a long, hard look at his stupid, ignorant Marxist face. Print it out, throw darts at it. This is the cunt that is partially responsible for sending our country to the fucking cleaners.

New set of measures to help banks

Let me get this straight - A new set of measures to "help" banks? What the fuck kind of "help" do the banks need?

And hasn't the taxpayer already bailed the banks out once? To, it seems, absolutely no end whatsoever? What the fucking fuck is the point in doing it again? Isn't this proof, if it were ever needed, that this fucking shower don't learn from their mistakes?

And why the urgency to get banks lending again? Who the fuck wants to borrow anything in this climate?


Old Holborn said...

It's a win win situation for Darling

If the banks fail, he'll buy them using MY money.It won't cost him a penny. If they don't fail, LABOUR will own profitable banks and be able to finance more Hydro Lentil farms run by black disabled lesbians

Fidothedog said...

Dave, agree in the main. However as big a cunt as Darling is, he is a sockpuppet of a cunt.

He has sold himself as a whore on the streets does, in return we have him rubber stamping policies from No.10.

In effect Gordon is both PM & Chancellor. Unlike under other previous governments the Chancellor will never ever disagree his arse having being sold for 30 pieces of silver.

That said maybe it makes him an even bigger cunt than Gordon, whose cuntfuckery could get into the Guinness book of records.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

My old Mum finally twigged what's going on today when she told me " it reminds me of you dear when you were a teenager, you would run out of cash and ask for a loan ('bailout'); Dad would usually come up with a few quid but, if you came back later asking for more, he would say "NO ! You will just have to stay in for a few days".

AngryDave said...

The banks have been getting rich off us for years, and when it gets a little tough they get the government to dig into our pockets to save their proffits. CUNTS!
As far as i am concerned the banks should be getting what they deserve. I think they call it karma.
Instead ther governement has decided that people can lose their homes, as long as the banks dont have to take a hit in the pocket. If they have mismanaged themselves, they deserve to go bust, and would be a warning to others not to do the same. Instead the government see it as an opportunity to buy the banks. Probably to give them better access to our money, when they bring in some more stealth taxes, after they fix the next election.