Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Bristol Blogger hits the nail on the head


My favourite paragraph is
Helen, you’re fucking clueless. This is the biggest economic crisis of most our lives and your response is to cut the wages of the low-paid while aimlessly wittering on about marketing and inventing pointless job titles for pointless executives. Get a fucking grip or do us all a favour and resign now and take all your absurd sponging executives with you please.

He is, of course, bang on the money. Where the fuck did this fascination of "marketing the city" come from, anyway? Why does a city need to be marketed, and how on earth do they expect Jandroid (who in every video I've seen of her speaking seems like she can barely string a sentence together) to be able to achieve anything useful with the £400k slush fund?

I know where the idea for "marketing" came from though, it's how MEPs have been justifying tax payer-funded jollies for years. I think they need to think of a new use for the money before everybody rumbles them.


AngryDave said...

Another case of the pricks who work for the council sorting out jobs for the boys. They make sure that the services are cut in places where they really matter, then lie about it, and that the righteous have well paid jobs and a fat secure pension.

Some parasite with more grey matter than the idiots in the council is taking them for a ride as far as the marketting idea goes. It was probably the idea of a marketing company to earn some easy money by screwing the council at the taxpayers expense.

Anonymous said...

Re the 400k to market our city - I would love to see any feasibility study, cost benefit analysis, project management plan, key performance indicators, review points etc etc that might demonstrate to us Council Tax payers that this is worthwhile. Anyone know whether any of this is available, formally or via any moles ?