Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Government ordered to release Iraq meeting minutes

No, really. But what are the chances they'll be released, in full? I can confidently say "none".

They'll either:

* Appeal against the decision
* Veto the request under Section 53 of the Freedom of Information Act
* Release the minutes, but with so much black marker you can barely read it
* Release the minutes, but completely missing the bits they don't want read (you really think everything was minuted?)
* Just not release the minutes. After all, what are we mere mortals going to do about it?

I'm still hoping for the Channel 4 Drama "The Trial Of Tony Blair" to come true, but somehow I doubt it.

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Fidothedog said...

What will happen is this, Gordon will "edit" this release.

He will make sure that it all reflects on Blair, keep mentioning Blair, an claim that they have reformed New Labour from when Blair was it charge, it was all Blair, not Gordon but Blair...

After all he was just Chancellor and not in charge etc.

He thinks enough time as passed to weasel out whilst passing all the flack onto Blair.

Sadly I think the fat fucker Gordon might just get away with his role in this affair.