Monday, 5 January 2009

Residents Parking going ahead

Despite the protests, despite the many, many flaws with the scheme, and the fact that even in the areas that they're introducing it support was only around 55%, Bristol City Council, in true fashion, are ploughing ahead regardless

And how is it even remotely fucking fair to have such a blatant vehemently car-hating councillor in charge of transport, in a city where the Public Transport options are so disgustingly woeful that often the only option is the car?

I fucking despair. Good thing the RPZ won't include me.


Window Licker said...

We've got it here, not so bad, £20 per year per car and enforced by Hitlers on speed. I live near a railway station and the estate agent/accountants/council offices so it fucked them up for free parking. Bastards. They left one road free right at the back of the council, lucky for them eh?

Shackleford Hurtmore said...

I say nuke the whole city, and start again, this time with all houses built on top of their own multistorey car parks.

Anonymous said...

I must say I can't understand the opposition to the CPZ, or at least from any residents shoppers or business people who are unfortunate enough to have to try and park during the day as opposed to those who are dumping their car for the whole day to avoid paying to park in town.

I only need the CPZ during the week so that I can park within a half a mile of my house when I am in and out of the house (which I work from)

Having lived in CPZs elsewhere, there is nothing to fear.