Monday, 5 January 2009

BME Boys underachieving

Shock horror. But of course, it can't possibly be their fault. Just like it can't be the fault of white kids who don't want to learn either. I note with interest that Bristol City Council deems it necessary to have a "Ensuring The Attainment Of Black And Minority Ethnic Boys Scrutiny Working Group" - which is a perfect title of a quangocrat if ever I heard one.

This document produced by Bristol City Council is full of little gems, like one of the external contributors being a Paulette Wisdom from "Visions of Esteem" (which is a title enough to make a bit of sick come into my mouth) and:
All educators responsible for educating black and minority ethnic boys (BME boys) need to be giving training on how to deal with different cultural expectations of behaviour in learning environments.

Why should there be any differences in expectations of behaviour in learning environments? When you're at school, you shut the fuck up and let the teacher do the teaching.

In order to change the educational outcomes of BME pupils, the 95.6% of White educators must engage in effective continuing professional development (CPD) so that the needs of BME pupils are adequately met in the classrooms

What might these needs be? How could educational needs of one race be different to another? We all need to learn.

The refocus of the role of the Ethnic Minority Achievement Team (EMAT) is to strength capacity of all schools in good practice for assessments and language development of BME pupils.

Why is it only the City Council that has these fucking pointless politically correct non-jobs? I dread to think how much the Ethnic Minority Achievement Team has cost the taxpayer, and to what end? If someone wants to learn at school, they will. If they don't, they won't, and no amount of nannying and interfering will change that. This whole thing smacks of creating jobs on the back of certain groups of schoolkids not doing very well, with no real benefit. Typical fucking LEA bullshit.

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Dave said...

Bristol Dave, I fear it is worse a picture than you paint. Deep down all these armchair liberals know full well the gold chain, no brain attitudes. I once read a letter in the New York Times from a teacher in the Bronx who wrote that blacks do not see the point of education and acted accordingly.

These brainless do gooders will only allow many of the uneducatable to get away with blue murder and become thugs later in life.