Thursday, 15 January 2009

In your face, soap-dodgers

Looks like Heathrow's third runway is going ahead.

Looks like the unemployed (seemingly, apart from Alistair MacGowan) waste-of-space soap-dodging protestors will have to find something else to whinge about, other than trying to tell everyone else how much we should be "permitted" fly, and where we should holiday.

The sanctimonious cunts.


Henry North London said...

AngryDave said...

If the protesters were local, people might pay attention? But, when they are nothing but a bunch of work shy, dirty, stinking crusties with nothing better to do, who wants to listen?
Not me!


You lot here make me laff' Full of venom and hatred.

I reckon you're just a bunch of keyboard warriors who need to find their bollocks.

I bet none of you would dare to say "anything" to the faces of those you moan about.

If you're not happy in the UK do something to change it or naff off somewhere else!

How do you know these protestors are workshy?

Most could have jobs and be on leave from them to take part in the protest.

Never assume anything.

If truth be told you probably envy them because at least they are standing up for what they believe in, whereas you lot are not!

AngryDave said...

Darwen Reporter, you are an arse!
I for one would not say anything here i would not and do not say to peoples faces. As for the keyboard warrior statement, have you looked a my profile? I deal with the most vile and violent dregs of society for a living.

I would love to leave this country, but that would mean leaving my family behind. I also beleive that there is still something worth saving in this country, and the citizens of this country are starting to wake up.

As for the protesters.
Of course they dont have jobs. Just look at the filthy bastards, would you give one of them a job? The majority of these people are 'proffessional' protesters and trouble makers, and we are paying for them. And, they are not changing anything, because nobody takes them seriously. These people travel from protest to protest, and dont care what it is about. They go along to fight the police and cause trouble.
Why would i be jealous of that, especialy as i enjoy what i do. I do stand up for what i believe in. I left the police because there was not enough enforcement in law enforcement, and i had moral objections.

It would seem you have also made assumptions about the people here.

Bristol Dave said...

How do you know these protestors are workshy?

Most could have jobs and be on leave from them to take part in the protest.