Saturday, 3 October 2009

Salt of the earth

Barnsley - birthplace of Michael Parkinson, Dickie Bird, Arthur Scargill. Good, honest, Northern town, is it not?

Turns out - not.

Parents in Barnsley have been criticised by police for drinking alcohol when dropping off and collecting their children from school.

God. All. Fucking. Mighty. Drinking alcohol when collecting their kids is bad enough, but when they drop them off? What time does school start, 9am? 9 O'Clock in the fucking morning, and the parents are drinking alcohol? Sounds like a delightful place, full of responsible parents.

It explains the lower-than-average results, anyway.

I imagine this is how Karen Matthews picked up Shannon - maybe it's something about Yorkshire?

1 comment:

banned said...

"Councillors and police are to meet to discuss banning drinking alcohol in the streets around the school."
Like that will work, ever heard of bushes, brown paper bags ( or Tesco bags ) or pretend Lucozade ?

Good thought, Vodka probably looks pretty good in a Perrier bottle.