Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Makes you proud to be Bristolian

.....or not.

A couple from Bristol who scammed almost £50,000 in benefits have been given 77 years to pay the money back.

Brian Payne and Carol Cripwell were also spared immediate jail sentences because of the "catastrophic effect" it would have on their six children.

77 years to pay it back? What a fucking joke.

Miss Brunner said the couple supported six children at home and the benefits they received went on household bills and food.

...and Lambert and Butler, Lambrini, Stella, a Sky TV subscription, Pay As You Go mobile phones and the Bookies, I shouldn't wonder.

She told the court their youngest child had medical needs and they had been striving to support the others.

Hahahaha, it's fucking "ADHD", isn't it. Isn't it, you fucking worthless pikey bitch? But let me guess, "he's a good kid really"?

A comment on the Evening Post article notes that there isn't just 6 kids.

Miss Cripwell has 9 children of her own ranging from 1-21, unless these were virgin births she's been scamming for more than 7 years. As for the statement that the children need her to look after them that's a laugh, she never has, they are out of control and the younger ones would probably benefit from being in care. These kids are the scammers of the future.

Look at the fucking scrounging chav scum:

Turning up to court in a t-shirt and a hoodie - nice.


AngryDave said...

I noticed how they used the phrase 'failed to declair he was working' instead of dirty thieving shit who obtained my taxes through fraud. I imagine some of their scumbag children are or will be residents with myself, at a cost of £60,000 a year to the taxpayer.

People like these should not be allowed to breed. Instead they have 6 between them and i dread to think of the actual number of kids they have had with a multitude of previous partners. All paid for by us.
I work hard, pay my taxes, and live inside the law. I am treated like a terrorist by the government and would get locked up at the drop of a hat if i ever broke the most minor of laws.
I wonder who the real mugs are.

banned said...

Brian Payne-in the-Arse and Carol Crapwell.
Not married then ?

Saved your pic but renamed it:
" pikey chav cunts get 70 years to repay their theft citing kiddies in need of their lurve.jpg "

Anonymous said...

Aren't these two stereotypical of society, and of a large majority of Bristol ghettos?

Isn't that why Vicky Pollard was invented?