Thursday, 15 October 2009

MPs want MANDATORY "Nanny" filters on mobiles & PCs

Reports El Reg:

An all-party group of MPs has recommended mandatory nanny filters for all mobile devices and data devices that can access the internet - and wants the UK's Internet Watch Foundation secretive censor system extended to the whole world.

God all mighty. God. All. Fucking. Mighty. I'm literally speechless at how brazenly statist and authoritarian these cunts are now.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Communications (Apcomms) today recommends: "A global 'notice and take-down' regime is required, and if the IWF cannot provide it then someone else should."

As the Reg quite rightly points out, the MPs might be getting a bit carried away here. Nevertheless, it shows how fucking terrifying their goals are.

And guess what the justification for this is? Have a guess. For me. Go on.

The reason for given for mandatory net filters is "that the default child protection settings are different on different mobile networks and different devices. This is unnecessarily confusing for parents, and so the report recommends that the industry move to a consistent, and 'safe', arrangement."

But of course. Think of the fucking children.

ISPs will be pleased to learn that they are expected to foot the bill for cleaning up all the malware on British PCs. ISPs should establish a voluntary code and if it fails to clean up our PCs, Ofcom should impose one anyway: "A reduction in compromised end user machines is essential to make the Internet a safer place," they write.

This is the start of forcing ISPs to limit access to certain sites.

You don't think the Chinese-style firewall is coming? Think again.

Yet another reason to join Old Holborn on his walk.


swindon_alan said...

Will you be there on the walk Dave?

I have booked the day off.

Let me know!

Bristol Dave said...

I'm very tempted. I haven't booked the day off yet but if I can I will try and get there.

banned said...

The begining of the end of a relativley 'free' internet, enjoy it while you can.

AngryDave said...

The chinese dont have anything on theses fuckers in parliment.