Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fuck you, CWU

OK, this postal strike is really beginning to piss me off. Are they striking over terrrible pay? No, the average postie gets £21k a year. Are they striking over terrible working conditions? No, in fact after doing a bit of reading into this, it turns out:

At the heart of the latest dispute is the deal that the two sides signed to end the last national strike, the 2007 Pay and Modernisation Agreement.

The CWU says that Royal Mail has carried out three of the four planned phases of that agreement with full and frank dialogue. It claims the company is refusing to talk to it about the final phase, how the roll-out of its modernisation plans would affect job security.

So they're striking because some of them might be laid off?

Welcome to the real world, you cunts.

Nobody really has job security at the moment, why the fuck should you be guaranteed it? Excuse me for having no sympathy whatsoever with you, or your ridiculously out-of-date views of job entitlement, you lazy fucking plebs.

And do you really think that not turning up for work is the best way of proving how indespensible you are?

This bit made me laugh as well:

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) plans to go to the High Court to stop Royal Mail using agency staff to clear the post backlog caused by the strikes.

Royal Mail had planned on hiring 30,000 temporary workers to deal with the backlog of post and the Christmas rush.

The CWU has taken legal advice, said a spokesman. The union hopes to show that the company is breaking employment law.

Mad - so they're striking against their employer but then threatening legal action when their employer tries to do something about it?

They must be taking advice from this fucking cunt.

And why do all the representatives from the unions come across as bullying thugs? I suppose they're all trying to give the impression of being hard-up honest workers.

Even though the CWU's General Secretary is on £100k pa.


banned said...

I have recieved 1 genuine letter in three weeks, to tell me about a situation that had already been resolved by e-mail.
The rest has been unadressed junk mail that the Greens and eco-warriors would do well to BAN.

I have not recently placed any orders through Amazon but my understanding is that they have sacked the Post Office prrecisely because of this strike. Strikers, shot yourselves in your foot, hope it hurts.

Anonymous said...

Amazon sacked the royal mail but now use shitty link. From recent experience of shitty link, Royal Mail haven't really got any competition.

Even with the strikes my ebay stuff is arriving next day on standard mail.

Anonymous said...

Here's an explanation of the Royal Mail from the Hampstead set's paper of choice:


It's actually pretty informative.

AngryDave said...

The service from royal mail is already terrible, and if the bosses get their way it WILL get worse. They want to cut staff to make a crap, slow service even 'better'. Meaning even slower and more crappy than it is.

I am not happy about the strikes, but i am willing to put up with a bit of disruption if it stops the service getting any worse in the future.

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