Monday, 12 October 2009

The latest example of greenwash

Here's yet another example of how companies are taking advantage of all the climate change alarmism, and believe me, this is only going to get worse.

Carrier bags.

Loads of shops now - Marks & Spencer, some Asda stores - fucking Halfords, I've noticed - are no longer giving out free plastic bags, due to the "environmental impact". What environmental impact? You can compress a carrier bag in your fist, it hardly takes up a lot of space. And what if I re-use that carrier bag for something else (which I frequently do, e.g. more shopping trips)? The "environmental impact" is so neglible it's not even worth devoting any precious time to thinking about it.

Let's be clear here - companies give about as much of a fuck about climate change as I do. Companies are charging for/refusing to give you a carrier bag


It has FUCK-ALL to do with the "enivronmental impact" (because there isn't really one). You might say that this is stating the bleeding obvious, which I'd agree, but look at where this could end up:

* Companies massively increasing delivery charges to cover the "cost of the carbon footprint". Like every other eco-charge, this would be an arbitrary amount pulled from their arse
* Supermarkets and other shops charging for parking (the ones that don't currently anyway) to cover the "environmental cost of you driving to the supermarket" (even though that's covered many times over by Fuel Duty if nothing else). Interestingly those people who condemn driving have never suggested how I get my shopping home from the supermarket - maybe I could float it home on a carpet of environmentalists hot air, or sail it home on a river of their bullshit?
* Supermarkets charging you more for non-recyclable packaging, but not providing goods without it so you're forced to pay

The list could go on and on and on. Their are countless fucking opportunities for companies to make extra money on the back of "climate change", and you're simply naiive if you think that in the future they won't grasp them with both hands - some are already doing so.

Fuck you, enviro-loons, for giving them this opportunity.


Anonymous said...

the bastards have taken us back 100 years those fucking light bulbs fuck my eyes right up,i`ll be just aswell with a candle FFS!
I will smash every fucking bulb and throw the fucker in a stream!
Theres one good thing to come out of this!
take a piece of quicksilver the size of a pinhead and slip it into a tarts drink and watch her follow through?
70´s locarno or scamps and stagedoor

AngryDave said...

The government are leading by bad example on this one. They slam us with loads of green taxes and stealth taxes for anything and everything they can think of.
Now every man and his dog are charging us for anything they can think of.
Virgin media charge £5 for sending a paper bill, adding up to £60 a year. For what?
And, if the government are getting away with it, so are the private companies. These fuckers are taking the piss out of us to gain extra profit, just like the government.