Thursday, 22 October 2009

BNP on Question Time

God, some people (in fact, many people) have got some stupid fucking views on this.

I will start out by saying I do not agree with the BNP, on any level, about anything. They are far too extreme left-wing (no, they're not right-wing, have a look at how much of their policies include state control, for goodness sake) for me and they are racist and ignorant to boot. Plus, Nick Griffin is an absolute cunt. And finally I think the British public could pick a far more deserving "protest vote" than the BNP (what better way to protest than vote for LPUK).

But does Peter Hain, and those hypocritical fascist cunts the UAF, really believe the best way to stop people voting for the BNP is to ban them? That's excruciatingly naiive. Let them on there! Let Nick Griffin slip up answering questions (and he will). Let the audience "boo" his answers. Fuck me, what better way to let everyone know what a bunch of twats they are than to broadcast the fact on national TV.

I've already given my views on the UAF before, and pointed out the staggering levels of hypocrisy in their beliefs (that requesting the banning of an organisation, however racist that organisation is, is incredibly fascist in itself) and that they should be given even less legitimacy than the BNP for this very reason, not least because they arrogantly believe it is up to them to decide who is and isn't allowed to broadcast their views to the British public.

I bet they get into the QT audience though.

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