Thursday, 22 October 2009

I cannot believe this

Bit late on this one, but still...

New regulations set to come into force later this month will see motorists forced to cough up court costs - even if they're found not guilty or acquitted of motoring offences.

Can you believe this? It's not even "Hey, here's a new moronic idea we've been cooking up at Downing Street, bet you didn't think we could out-moron the last one, did you?" - this is set to come into force. It's already been agreed.

And is it every criminal, or just motorists?

When are they going to start fitting dildos to petrol pumps so we can fuck ourselves up the arse to save them the trouble?


banned said...

While at the same time there are proposals to let real criminals 'off' if it is deemed not financially worthwhile to prosecute them.
Shoplifters, fill yer boots ( and yer pockets and bags, yer buggies too ).

AngryDave said...

It's a case of forcing people to pay fines, even if they are inoccent, or pay even more when you go to court. Guilty or not.

What the fuck happened to justice?