Saturday, 3 October 2009

Monocular Mentalist agrees to TV debate "in principle"

report the BBC.

I bet there will be all sorts of conditions if he does. He has to be edited and portrayed in a better light than Cameron/Clegg, there will be all sorts of lighting and make-up tweaks done to stop him looking like the dried-up scrotum he currently resembles, and I guarantee whoever hosts it will not be allowed to pull him up on not answering the question. He will be allowed to roll out Tractor Stat after Tractor Stat with impunity.

Just look at the letter he has written to the Labour party:

Last week we came together as a party to debate the choice for Britain.

In the next few months I will tour the country, meeting the people of Britain to explain our policies, not just on economic recovery and Afghanistan, but from Sure Start and school standards to social care, the NHS, and action on anti-social behaviour.

I will visit every region and every city to speak to people and discuss with the people of the country the choices we face.

I have already said that we are facing the first General Election of the global age. In it the choices are great: between different directions for our country, different choices about economic progress, different philosophies about the future of our public services, different pathways in our relationship with Europe and the rest of the world.

It is right that the parties debate the issues not just in Parliament but in every arena where the public will join in

In momentous times like these, the choices cannot be small choices with small consequences: they are big choices with big consequences.

The choices we make in the next year will define the future of our country, not just for five years, but for a generation to come.

So I believe it is also right that the parties debate the issues not just in Parliament but in every arena where the public will join in the discussion.

It is right that we set the issues before the British people. Others can work out the details but what's important for the country is that there is a wide ranging series of television and radio debates with party leaders that are also able to devote attention to the central issues that matter to families: the economy, public services, how we strengthen our communities, and how we work with the rest of the world.

It is right that there will be a strong focus on the leaders' debates and it is right that in a Cabinet system of government that ministers and opposition ministers also debate the issues in a series of debates on television and radio too.

I relish the opportunity of making our case directly to the people of this country.

Gordon Brown

Count the number of times he says that - "It is right" - such arrogance. Telling us what we are now instructed to believe is right. Lots of the Labour front bench have over-used this phrase in interviews, etc. Why? Who on earth has advised them to say this, and don't they realise it's doing their fascist authoritative image no fucking favours whatsoever?

How many times will he say "it is right" in the TV debate, and how many times, like every PMQs he's ever been in, will he fail to answer the question?

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swindon_alan said...

It is just patently laughable.

If it hasn't been fixed in 12 years of labour rule (I mean nearly everything that the dead hand of this government has touched), why is it going to be any different if the Gorgon tours the country, spreading the smell of wee and leaving as a gift chairs plastered with bogies?

Not that iDave will be any different.

Whatever, we're heading for meltdown, whether it is the UK, Europe or the USA. You can only suck the blood of the people until there is none left then it collapses. I can't wait.

The man speaketh da truth.